Please make jacket as default blueprint

It weired when I saw jacket in my steam inventory but I have to find this blueprint before I can craft this thing. Please make all steam inventory as a default blueprint. Item in steam inventory just for good looking not make anyone op.

The point is that you still have to find the base blueprint on the server so you can’t just roll in with a ton of shit the instant you arrive at a new server.

I’m all for having to find the BP. However, I think the jacket BP might be a little too rare as it stands. There’s 6 people in my group and none of us have found it yet despite the fact we have pretty much all the other BPs. I’ve also asked in server chat, and no one else has said they’ve found either a jacket or the BP yet either.

Snow bases are high risk high reward it seems. On one hand when you establish yourself you have access to all the resources you could ever ask for as there isn’t much competition to get to them. But on the other hand, the weather makes it difficult to last a cold night without a campfire and shelter and sometimes even day time proves to be as cold as nights. Jackets I think were made rare with this in mind to balance out the risk reward factors. I’m still looking for my Snow Jacket, but I’ve still also managed to build a rather large and heavily furnished base.

Snow jackets are not rare, find them alot. However, the Jacket (former vagabondjacket) is impossible to find, i have looked thru the lootmap as admin like 50 times and not found it, i have made so many bp books, pages and librarys, not found it. And i refuse to spawn it since i wanna find it myself, but it seems like it’s not even there!

Correct. Snow jacket BPs drop at pretty regular intervals. Everyone in my group had that within the first day. One of the other admins on our server spawned in a shitload of pages, libraries and books to see if the jacket would spawn. He generated every other BP there was, but no jacket. The jacket hasn’t been found in any air drops either.

And yet there are morons out there pretending that it’s simply a rare drop. That’s a hilarious understatement. If it does exist, it’s stupid rare.

I’m not saying its out there, i’m saying it always been stupid rare (before the latest loot table change). it was the kind of bp that youre not garanteed to find in 2 weeks of gameplay, just like the AK before the research bench was introduced. Yet its only been 1 week since last bp wipe.

i found the bp for the vaganbond jacket like once a week before… it was rare yes, but not that rare.

Clothes that protect you from winter cold should not be default.