Please Need a manger

Im gonna be starting a new Dark RP server and I need some one to code and add stuff please PM and i will give you my steam I just need a basic coder to add a few thing’s

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Why? Are you having a baby?

No I’m new to codeing im gonna be buying a 63 slot server would you want to code for me?

Wow quote:.“Please PM” You not turned it on

That you even tried…

Lol i just wanted to look since people always forget. I manage my own servers and won’t have time helping him + stupid to ask for a coder for free like he does

Please i just need a coder i will pay i dont just need one job done

If you pay try Community coder on Coderhire forums

A: nobody cares.
B: You arent good at assuming what’s stupid and what isn’t (for example: your Your post)

I try to help but you just come in and fuck at me. Rude. Good i have no scripts from you

Oh hey Snorlaxs is back, this forum was missing that comedic edge you bring it.

OP, as the sticky says if you want a coder, don’t post about it just go here:

The sticky maybe should be updated with need a coder goto:

Drama and flaming on me <3

Oh… It used to, but apparently Gran PC removed it back in May. I’ll ask another mod to add it back.

Some people like to code for fun. i know many examples of people who have given their code to a community for free.

How was this help? I dont quite get it?

John, alot of custom stuff for DarkRP + tutorials on how to set up a Darkrp server are already out :slight_smile:
I suggest you get an overview on the things you might not be able to handle yourself and take a quick look on coderhire, to see if the things you are seaching for is already coded :stuck_out_tongue:

its a good start :slight_smile:
good luck :stuck_out_tongue: