Please no more empty barrels!

Please remove the empty barrels, every barrel should drop something. The barrels are seldom anyways, i searched for like an half hour to find a barrel, and then it contains NOTHING…
I already destroyed >200 barrels and still got no useful blueprint like AK47, or Pistol…

Hahahaha. Greater than 200! I’ve broken almost 2000 barrels and the only gun BP I’ve gotten is the revolver. Go to the desert for max barrel hunting efficiency.

I am in the snow, there are also many many barrels but include only useless stuff

I joined a server, spawned next to a barrel, broke it and got a fuckin rocket, and i gave it to some random ppl with a base after which i got hunted down, cause you know, rust.

I found a rocket yesterday, but no the BP. I have found 2 Timed Explosive Charge Bp’s though, but those were in the radtown. My friend found the Timed Explosive BP in barrel.

Box and barrels… you find them empty so many times and if not, you find torches or empty can… they are big trolls

Desert and snow area’s have the most barrels.

And play on a server where they have a mod like betterloot installed that increases the “good” stuff that can come out of barrels / chests. It makes a big difference for mostly starters or single players. The best spot for good stuff is in general the airdrops but we all know those easily become killing fields with clans murdering each other ( and you in the process ).

Also a tip: If the barrel in snow area is on a big hill, be sure to place a foundation below the barrel so you do not need to hunt down the hill for the loot ( or even see it vanish in the ground ).

I got like 4 or 5 C4 BP before i got my first gun bp :\

Last server I joined I got C4 Bp on the first barrel and codelock on 2nd. Pretty lucky tho.

You poor bastard. It took me a month to find the AK bp…and 2 days to find the rocket launcher bp. Pure dumb luck.

I’m not sure which is the bigger troll, empty tuna can drop or complete empty barrel ^^ …
But for me, I found explosives and c4 bp after I think 100 barrels … 350 barrels later still no breastplate, ak, Thomson, revolver or facemask… half a day after implementation I found rocket bp … so it all comes down to pure luck !

That’s why I never gamble.

is only luck, ym playng 21 days now in the same server, a well populated server and my stats are this .

10 explosives blu print - 0 explosive charge bp - 0 Schotgun bp - 0 pipeschotgun bp - 1 ak bp - 1 thompson bp - 3 pisol bp.

in this 21 days y played for sure 80- 100 hours as solo.

Bp is luck no more :wink:

P.S. ym noth a barrel hunter buth my 2000- 3000 barrel got for sure crasched in this 3 weeck

BP are fine too my vision of the game!

Second barrel I popped, rocket launcher BP… hehe!

BTW, I agree, empty barrels are a waste of time, space, and server entities! If the barrel is empty, don’t generate / display them.

Also, stop putting totally useless multiples of items in there. What use is 1x Low Grade Fuel to anyone? If I need 15x for a lantern, I will end up with 16x. If I need 100x for a furnace, I will end up with 101x.

All you can do with the extra 1x Low Grade Fuel is drop it! Same for 1x cloth. At least put these useless items in in multiples of x5 or x10, so we don’t end up having to drop throw them away…

Atleast you can smelt empty cans to metal frags in campfire.

WHAT ? for real? I gonna try this tomorrow and if it’s not working, you are just as big as a troll as an empty barrel!

Rocket launchers… Cheaper than c4, easier to find than torches.

Totally agreed. The single drops of low end items like cloth, low grade fuel, gunpowder, etc are useless. Even bullets, to a point. They really should drop them in multiples, like stacks of 5 or 10. Otherwise, we’re left with that oddball item that basically never gets used. It’s useless loot at that point.

It’s true. You can smelt cans in your camp fire. I can’t remember exactly how many metal frags you get, as I haven’t done it in a while. It’s like 5 or 15 I believe. Either way, it works and gives new spawns a bit of a resource that would otherwise take a lot more work to acquire via smelting ore in a furnace.

I am such a lucky bastard, I found AK bp in first few hours after wipe. This happened last 3 wipes:)

I finally found an AK BP about 4 days ago, and found a bolt action BP yesterday. That’s after 2½ weeks of barrel hunting and hundreds of barrels.

After a week on this server, people were still without basics such as code lock and large crate BPs. I found a code lock BP on the second barrel I broke, and a large crate the following day.

It’s all random. Shit just happens (or doesn’t).

How about we give some metal for breaking these barrels?