"Please, Please don't shoot" (Generic)


Empty room, you could’ve at least tried to build a scene.


Makarov’s too stiff, bad hand posing. Also, stop using those Mw2 models unless you’re gonna use them for actual good pictures. Try and go for something original too, no one like a shitty, bad-posed and overall generic picture.

Better that your last stuff.

I know you’re excited about posting screenshots, but I have an idea. Don’t show us your poses for a few months. Get good at non-ingame editing, and look at different threads about screenshots. Work on everything. Then, post your shots in one huge thread, and watch as people are amazed by your improvements.

Also, don’t put (generic) after all of your screenshots. It kills the excitement, even though it is a generic shot.

Makarov looks old.

Shoot him.