Please please Fix the barrels in hapis island =)

the barrels arent spawning anymore on hapis island , how do i fix that without using plugins , im the owner of shinra

Are they spawning in the water?

i have checked , there arent any under water

This is a known issue. Facepunch messed up Hapis a while ago. I am pretty sure you are just screwed until FP fixes this. It has been broken for weeks.

Hapis Island seems like the cool-sounding project that was started, never finished, and will be left half-done (and broken now) for a long time. Not to complain though. It is a good start.

there’s not a command to delete them all like you can for the ore nodes?

The spawn beyond the map its glitched.

They don’t spawn at all. I have a mod I made on my server that tells me how many barrels exist and spawns new ones to fix this issue. Without the mod spawning them, I have yet to see more than 12 barrels on Hapis and they are all at the airfield. My mod keeps 500 live at all times on the map and makes Hapis worth playing again.

Facepunch has known about this bug for a few weeks. There are hardly any Hapis servers now.