PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE sort the hackers out!

I am sick of low life cheating hackers! I cant even play the game anymore as i always get killed by them!

every bloody server has them on EVEN the original servers!

What is facepunch doing about them? (Reporting them does nothing!)

Truth is that only a very low minority of players are cheating.

When Garry announced that 4.000+ players were banned on the initial release of cheatpunch, everyone was shocked by this number.

But if you look at the number of copies sold, you find out that less than 1% of the players did cheat.

So where is the issue?

Issue is that there are more cheaters than running and populated servers. That’s why we can say a minority can indeed ruin the fun for a majority.

I took some time to think about that, and the solution I found out was the ‘antichamber’ system.

A player game’s Key is validated as ‘trusted’ after a player did 30 hours of game in the ‘antichambers’ servers.

After that, the player can play on the official remaining world of servers. If he get banned, he must start again in the antichamber servers.

As soon as the legitimate trustworthy population of gamers is moving to the non-antichamber servers, the cheaters are left cheating alone in this temporary space. Cheaters could stop cheating to do their 30 hours, then move on official servers, but it is a real slow-factor for cheaters that might prove really efficient on the long run.


Hacking = playful cleverness
Cracking = braking a system with malicious attempt
So those so called “hackers” are actually crackers.

Know your terms, so you can know your enemies, and address them by their real name.


not really bothered what anyone calls them… there ruining the game!

10 out of 15 servers had at least 1 hacker in :frowning:

all the 5 i tried that had no hackers were low person servers 5 people or less…

CheatPunch dont seem to be working.

I’ve been playing a lot. Like… A lot! And never met a hacker nor got griefed/killed by one.

They are neither crackers or hackers, simply cheaters.

Only hacker out there is the guy developing the cheat software.

Yep, look at the various dictionaries and you’ll find different explanations.
The one you provided is short, simple and - wrong.

For those who prefer video over text, check out this cute babe and her talk:

stop playing official servers than

Essentially, yes, you are correct.
Cheaters are just using third party tools that don’t require any skill, to grow their internet penis, so it shouldn’t be even called cracking.

Crackers are the dudes that develop those tools.

they could be both

I bet this guy is a cheater himself any douche bag that dismisses someone cheating as playful cleverness is,
A. Dumb
B. Most likely a cheater himself
C. How is it remotely clever to download something, it’s nothing more than (oh man I really suck at this game and everyone kicks my ass. Step 2. Google search and download Step 3. Little dick grows smaller, oh man how clever you are! Haha

Yeah because all these places are wrong right?

These are just the top results on google. The list goes on and on and they all have the same definition.

The term everyone should be using is cheater. Hackers are not always cheaters for example paypal hackers, account hackers. Of course hackers can be cheaters using hacked client/trainers. But if the hacker himself didnt make the hack he would be a Skiddy (script kiddy)