Please post all your connection problems here and stop gumming up the dam forums

Listen people throw all ur dam connection issues here for now on

and heres the answer for all connection problems

ddos attacks are occurring so trying to get on a server from main screen will take a few…

server lag on all servers this is includes, modded, official and community are all being effected by the ddos attacks.

Whining and complaining and generating new threads on the forums isn’t going to solve the problem

also if you want updates go to Updates on the problems at hand

that is the best source for info that you can get at this time.

i cant connect to any server’s, i’ve tried ALL of them. i know some ass is DDosing the servers, but is there really nothing to do?
and also how long is it gonna take before we can play again?

can’t do shit DDos gums up server talk with your computer so it makes it impossible to try to fix

DDos has plaqued the online community for ages all you do is riding it out… especially this early in a games life

I must not understand how deep this DDOS issue is. I know the official servers are getting DDOSd but why does this effect the community servers if they are on dedicated boxes? What’s stopping Rust devs to ignore the official servers and letting the community server to operate like any other game?

EDIT: Also why would a game dev rely on a 3rd party code for their game this makes little to no sense to me.

because u can see all the servers on the playrust window correct… that means that they’re all tied to a offical rust server…

which means that even though the ddos isn’t attack every single server but the check and balances from the community servers to the offical servers are whats making all servers to fuck up…

for example

you have a million funnels

all the funnels are connected to each to each in a pyramid format.

You start dump a liquid through the one that everyone uses
(that would be the main menu) this organizes the lists, and supports the Anti hack program thats interwoven into the system itself now once u attack the main server or funnel all the others are effected
hop that makes since

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its a cloud pretty much

Well, when I try and connect to any server it’ll say the same thing in console.

> Connecting to insert_server_ip_here
> Connecting to server…
> Connection Failed.

And it’ll do that if I try and connect to any server, including community and official.

Hilarious how it’s always these survival games getting DDOS’ed hard.

War Z
Day Z

All have been plagued with DDOS attacks, and almost all of them early into development, coincidence?

The Nazis are back man :tinfoil:

yep thats a normal occurance for everyone right now

Alright, glad I’m in the same boat as everyone else then!

I can’t find any servers when I hit the play game button. :rolleyes:

is it still not working?

Nope. Wait for a post on playrust, or a post from someone credible on here.

I love the game but I didn’t pay 20$ for this service!
And don’t even whine about this comment because it’s true!

1* i can’t connect to any server ATM, it say connecting and after 2 min , connection problem come up on server list page,please help ,Thanks

2* to login my server as admin ,do i have to enter in my server in game ,then press f1 and then login as as admin or do i have to type it as soon as game starts on server list screen ,Thanks.