Please put this in game.

I have been thinking if facepunch could add Zombies in abandon zone or radtown as they say…
like they only put zombies in the rad town like fairly alot zombies and slow zombies so less people can build bases near the rad town and they should add this: zombie horde at night!!! That’s gonna be so awesome and challenging!!! oor instead of zombies, if they add back radiations to the rad towns A Radiated creatures! anykind or just radiated humans that works from that rad town.
And also please Facepunch add more tall trees and different kind of treese so it doesnt feel like so open in like moon or somethin.
I will be Expecting for SlingShots to :smiley:

Radioactive squirrels would be better than zombies.

Zombies were removed a year and a half ago and they aren’t coming back. Rust is not a zombie survival game.

There will be other, as-yet-unrevealed AI threats, and garry has consistently said that he doesn’t want bipedal humanoids (zombies/mutants/tribals/military) to be that threat. The devs are working on things that they aren’t showing us.

Radiation is disabled (but can be re-enabled by server admins) right now because the system is broken and is being completely re-done.

And, trees have been a performance problem the devs have been wrestling with for a while – besides, tree density depends on player harvesting; forests will grow denser if players aren’t collecting wood from them for a long time. If you aren’t seeing many trees on your server, it’s because players keep cutting them down.

Good point! if i want this stuff i could just play the forest or minecraft.

Fixed that for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering Rust launched on Steam in December 2013 with zombies still in it, and they were removed a few months after Steam launch, setting off a thousand “bring zombies back” threads, no, I can confidently assure you that you did not fix it for me by suggesting that zombies were removed from Rust in early 2013, long before it left the webplayer and became playable as a standalone .exe on Steam.

We may both be wrong then because i first played legacy like 2 months after it came out and i never saw a zombie in game they had just been removed a couple weeks before. That was in the first half of 2013.

No, we are not both wrong.

You’re confusing the first half of 2013 with the first half of 2014. You know, when you registered on facepunch. Legacy “came out” in December 2013 and zombies were removed in February 2014.

ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE… I vote BIG NO for zombies… First of all i’d like to see radioactive back and working properly.

Why not include packs of wolves , wild boars protecting their young, or deer defending their female ? and other animals too, scorpions, snakes or microbes ^^

I’m sure that’s being considered.

i want rad animals back:)