Please read before ban

Garry you were on the server today.

This is not okay, abusing glitches to destroy our hardworking time spent on our base.

Player’s : Zedd, Three Kings, and NightinGale are building in a rock on Facepunch Seattle.

Here are the screenshots I could gather.

It was quite annoying that on this fresh wipe today me and my friends spent 8+ hours doing what we had to do for our base and withing 1 hour and half they can already destroy what we have going. We raided there front door, to find a chest half sticking in a rock and a tool cupboard that was nowhere to be found. Is glitching really going to be allowed? Are you going to ban without this going noticed? This is an official server and i’ve already reported on steam and tweeted the official rust hacker twitter. I don’t know what else to do. Please find it in your heart to help.

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive click-bait thread title" - postal))

Sooo I think garry doesnt ban personally. Posting this here doesn’t really help anyone. Besides maybe concerning our amusement about you indirectly asking for a ban.
On the official servers there are lots of cheaters and exploiters. And I’ve seen that glitch too. I visited Facepunch Amsterdam. Naked guy flying up to me trying to hit me with his torch. Headshotted him.
By the way, why do you want to get banned so badly?

I just don’t know where else to go man, and I know people get banned for posting about their problems on here

How not to get banned:

Pick a proper title. In your case that’s something like “griefers building in rock on facepunch seattle”.