Please Read [ Tiramisu 2 ]

i have ULX and Tiramisu 2 gamemode but i cant create a character, i get stuck with title name model gender age etc.

i had to restart gmod to get on again and i can only check console when i play intro and i had this error:

[Tiramisu 2 Final] gamemodes/tiramisu/gamemode/schemas/global/plugins/inventory/cl_inventory.lua:382: attempt to index field ‘InventoryFrame’ (a nil value)

  1. closefunc - gamemodes/tiramisu/gamemode/schemas/global/plugins/inventory/cl_inventory.lua:382
  2. CloseTabs - gamemodes/tiramisu/gamemode/cl_init.lua:567
  3. SetActiveTab - gamemodes/tiramisu/gamemode/cl_init.lua:574
  4. DoClick - gamemodes/tiramisu/gamemode/cl_binds.lua:49
  5. unknown - lua/vgui/dlabel.lua:206

what shall i do? help me please i want a working Tiramisu 2 Gamemode!

i took away ULX and dont get these errors but when i join and go for character selection i cant choose accept when i fill everything… i cant do Accept, Ok or anything popup comes… im stuck in character Selection… Great

ULX breaks Tiramisu, and the latest update broke every third person gamemode completely.

You don’t even need ULX for Tiramisu.

A lot of admin mods break Tiramisu. I would stick to the Tiramisu admin system built in. It actually runs quite well.

i dont have any admin mods anymore but
There isnt any button like “Accept” or anything when im doing Character Selection…
so im stuck on that :confused: some people say it has to do with the third person and there isnt model showing on the update 157 so it wont work. But what does Character Selection have to do with that, there isnt any button for Accepting the character or anything… i dont see any model/person either if it should show that. what do i do?

I already told you. Tiramisu is broken for everyone who updated to 157.