Please remove overlays until...

…a better system can be implemented.

I’ve been going back and forth about the whole overlays idea. I like the concept of trying to emulate various conditions through a “realistic” screen effect, but after playing with the damage one that was added a couple weeks ago and the new hot and cold I’ve finally decided they suck - at least in their current state.

Taking damage or losing calories faster in different climates can be punishing enough (and I like that addition), but making it so we can’t see is just cheap. I was playing around with different ideas of just making subtle color shifts or having the overlay be more transparent, but then I realized no matter what it can’t fix how awful they are at night.

During the day they’re a nuisance, but at night they become this awful grungy border that blocks out everything. That combined with the obvious border between biomes (I was stepping on and off of grass and desert and watching my vision go from perfect to a snowy white wash in .05 seconds) is really annoying.

Possible solutions would be:

Make them a color filter so that heat causes things to appear yellowish-orange, and cold makes things bluer.

Just use icons like snowflakes or flames in the corner of the screen.

Also, the damage indicator is nice, but at night you can’t see a damn thing when you get hit. I got in a spear fight at night and when I got hit I couldn’t see anything because half my screen had that red overlay on it. Can something be done so that at night it’s not so obnoxious? Daytime it’s fine, and you can still see enough so you’re not just stabbing wildly in the dark.

EDIT: Doh! Sorry, totally missed this one!

I agree, though i do like the frost on the edge of the screen effect but it was a bit over done and the heat one wasn’t really all that bad just reminded me of times when i was drunk and things got blurry. I also liked the Damage Direction Indicator but i hope they change the ALT button look over right shoulder option to buttons Z and X and make it so we can look over either shoulder when the Damage Direction shows up.
Maybe instead of coming from the sides it could come from the top and or bottom of the screen this way you still get your widescreen view.

I got in a spear fight too tonight, and lost when using a bow, they stabbed me from about 4-5 meters way and i died, i rage quit after that.

Yea, I really wish I could look over both shoulders. Right now I always approach from back left of people, lol.

Garry tweeted this last night:

Hopefully it’s enough. While I like the concept of the overlays, I’m not a fan of the implementation. The radiation one is fine. The temperature ones are ok, but the effect is too strong currently. The reverse goatse damage one is horrible all around, and when combined with any of the other 3, make seeing anything pretty much impossible.

Ha! that’s funny you probably look really weird doing that too, just weird as seeing me walking around a rock or a tree while I’m farming them. Dances with Rocks/Trees would be my native american name.

As for the Temperature indicators, Cold would be shown at the top of the screen instead of all sides and the Heat would be shown from the bottom of the screen as if the heat was rising from the ground. Sounds better like that.

Lol, I just thought they should make so if you stab someone in the face they go blind and their screen goes black. If they manage to survive the attack they then have to play the game blind forever! Then at least you’d get awesome FPS.

haha, if they go blind in one eye only half the screen is shown