PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!! (To much lag, unplayabe)

I join a server and i lag so hard, i teleport every 3 seconds, and its almost impossible to hit a tree, Please facepunch, any tips on how to fix this lag issue (And dont say “Alpha is alpha”) And i hope i didnt waste 20 dollars on an un-playable game.

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Check your own internet speed

If your Internet is good then try another server…

No, Im talking about the game being slow as fuck, my character takes a full 7 seconds to do a 360.

Not unplayable for me or lagging, you probably joined a server that you have high ping in or you have maybe a bad ISP. If it is the computer then try press F1 and type in the console “grass.on false” pretty sure it is that also without the quotes of course. But sounds like it is either the server or you got high ping

Maybe you should of looked at the system requirements?

Just a thought.