Please rig the protaganist from "The Saboteur"!

I request that the main character of the game “The Saboteur” be rigged and placed into Garry’s Mod. I believe there’s a page with many of the character models available in .3ds format,
but I do not know how to convert these files to GMod. If it’s not too much trouble, some other characters would be appreciated as well, as well as maybe a version of the MC without the jacket,
but my main wish is that this specific character be ported into the game.

Of course, there may be people working projects already, and if so, I apologize for being intrusive. I don’t know much about porting (or Facepunch, I’m new here) anyhow, but
I appreciate if you take your time to read this thread. Thank you for your time, and have a good day! :smile:

P.S.: Here’s the link to the Saboteur model thread, so that you might save some time in looking for them.

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