Please sell on Amazon

I am planning a wedding and have no money to spare. My friends are currently running their own server, and I want to join them! I was gifted $100 card to Amazon that I was hoping I could use to get Rust (got black flag on amazon and activated the cd key on steam)

If this game was available on Amazon I would be so happy…/rant /request

The game’s in alpha. It’s way too early for the game to be widely on sale everywhere.

I’ve seen betas being sold on Amazon, but alphas? That’s a bit far in the development process to put the game on the store like that.

Now about that Amazon card: If you want to use the money itself anywhere, DON’T REDEEM THE CARD. Try selling the card for a discounted price to get at least some of the money in cash. Selling the $100 card for $80-$90 gives someone the incentive to buy it, and you get a majority of the cash value so you can spend elsewhere. People do this all the time with gift cards. However, if you’ve already redeemed the value in Amazon, you may be out of luck.

Its very simple

Goto amazon site and search steam card and buy steam credit

Genius! Shackledfrog shall reign supreme!

Woah, I can’t believe I forgot about that. I feel pretty stupid now. :v:

Compared to Shackledfrog we all are

I already redeemed it on Amazon so I could buy black flag. They had it on sale for 30 bucks.

Keep reading the thread, buy steam credit on Amazon, voila!

I would do that, but I don’t really feel like losing $10 to buy a steam card. They don’t sell them at face value. Unless I am mistaken.

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I guess I could do that, but they don’t sell them for face value. So in turn I would be buying a $19 game for $29. In alpha. I appreciate everyones suggestions though.

Buy a $20 card for $23, that way it will only cost an extra $4 for the game with $1 to spare. Its only and extra couple of bucks, How much do you pay for other Alpha games $30 +

You’re forgetting the $5 shipping. That one is not available for the free prime shipping sadly. I paid like $22 bucks a few months ago for “Next Car Game” which was a huge mistake. They haven’t updated once, and rarely inform us of whats going on. Rust seems to have an amazing community and people making it.

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I appreciate everyones suggestions. I guess I may be too cheap to lose out on 7-10 bucks by buying a steam card through Amazon.

PM me your steam ID buddy.

Guess you really don’t want it that bad then. Seriously, spending a few extra dollars in order to get teh game you want from a different source isn’t that much.

Issue has been resolved, Mcvay is now one of us. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. Anyone on Amazon you want? I have a gift card just burning to be used.

One of us, One of us

I wish I was off work right now… thank you again kind sir. When I am all done with the wedding planning and actual wedding, I will return the favor.

you could buy a steam voucher off of amazon?

Thanks, as stated above they cost $10 more than value, and the cheaper ones have $5 shipping. One of the people on this forum bought me a copy of rust yesterday. Thank you for the suggestions.