Please Shut Off Web Player

Buddy of mine just got no clipped then killed on East Coast 2. The no clipping obviously won’t stop till the web player is no longer an option.

Browser will be up til they make rust work on mac OSX with steam.

yeah some bugger named Major Shell flying through skies and walking through walls… its nice to have it on steam and the hacks will slow down once its fully on there but as long as the web player is still active people are still hacking freely

I haven’t run into the problem yet, hopefully it’s solved before I experience it.

Not being on webplayer won’t stop the hacks.
It’s just that they will be able to VAC ban the hackers now.

Vac is horrible at detecting external read memory cheats.

It should stop the no clipping/teleporting at least. Close the damn web browser because I’m done with the game once again until it is done. You guys are losing more players by keeping it open for the mac user then closing the web browser and working on fixing the mac issue. And start banning players because people aren’t afraid of using cheat engine and such. When you guys will start taking actions, then the hacking will become more rare and if you can at least block the no clipping/teleporting. Then we’ll be able to play even tho we encounter the aimbotter or wallhacker once in a while.

You dont think its unfair to make that assumption just so you can try and justify making your own experience better? How many people currently play on a mac? how many are not playing purely due to hackers?

I still play on the web browser as im a mac user and to be honest i dont really have a huge issue with hackers. Yes it has been frustrating at times but at least i can still play.

not everyone has steam either… or wants to.

Because they’re hackers.

This makes no sense, because the game runs 100% better on steam.

Steam is not optional very soon, and just check how the servers are empty since the mass no-clipping, before you’d see houses everywhere, for the past 2 weeks all the servers are pretty empty and it’s because of the hackers. All the known players in US have mostly stoped waiting for hackers issue to be fixed.

Players waiting for hackers issue is far greater then mac user, Imo who the **** uses a mac to game like cmon…