Please sir, may I have some numbers for the history books?

Hello Facepunch :slight_smile:

This bit of a long shot, but do you keep records on the dates and original (USD) prices of Rust store items?

I run a website which is trying to rebuild the history of the Rust store and I’m just wondering if this info still (officially) exists, or if the details are lost to time?

ThatGermanGuy has done a great job at documenting most of the items and stores since 2017 in his YouTube videos. However, there are still a few gaps and anything released prior to 2017 is pretty hazy. You can see some of my attempts at capturing Rust’s history below:

Current store:
Store from Valentines 2019:
Store after Rust exited early access in 02/2018:
Store after the new pricing system in 04/2017:
Other random statistics from the market:

I understand if the team aren’t allowed to (or have the time to) share Rust store dates and prices with the public. I’m keen to document it, but don’t want to annoy anybody if this rubs you the wrong way. Please let me know either way, even bad news is better than no news.

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