Please stop begging for keys.

Please stop. I don’t know how much clearer I can make it, other users can make it, or anyone else can make it. PLEASE STOP BEGGING FOR KEYS! Look through the previous posts to see that NO NEW KEYS ARE BEING GIVEN OUT.

I don’t have a key and I am sure many of us that lurk here or even post here don’t as well. I feel that I had to create an account just to say this. This influx of new users is ruining what was an immaculate series of posts and the unfolding development about a very intriguing game in its ALPHA STATE.

I feel like an old white racist when saying this, but “Go back from whence you came!”

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/you're not helping" - postal))

Aren’t there like 6 threads saying the same thing? And then another 10 asking for keys.

None with a title explicitly stating in plain english what we are all thinking.

-Welcome to Facepunch my good sir.

This could had been a thread on something game related, but no…

Yeah it could “had”.

I kind of agree, but all this complaining about people begging for keys is now almost as annoying as people begging for keys. I honestly wouldn’t give keys to either parties if they continued to complain.

I just wish it would cease. I miss not having to scroll through numerous ignorant ass replies and posts from people asking, begging, bartering, or even offering to pay for a key. I just want to be able to continue to read about this game without people begging to play it.

Then I don’t think the Internet is the place for you.

Are you trying to start a trivial argument sir?

Come on guys, lay some slack for these kids… And what can we actually do to stop all this spam.

We could have moderators ban them…
That’d get the lesson across. Efficiently.

well i understand why they want a key, the game is pretty awesome.
but they do need to stop asking the dev’s for it.
garry’s messages are like 99% asking for a key.

  • asking would never get u one in the first place.
    i wonder if age has something to do with it,
    this seems like something a child would do.

… If… anyone… had a … Key pls send it to :smiley:

I understant you guys , but the game looks soooo awesomme that i have to check it and play play play =D

Some people just wants to watch the world burn

There’s been a lot of children flooding the forums recently, that’s just the problem. There’s no other way to explain the “That Cat” key posts in LMAO pics or every condescending prick that can’t go without saying “sir” in their posts.


Thanks for making account on my email on some gayporn sites… No key was sent , if you dont have ignore , if you have please sent that’s all. Jimbomcb that was very funny troll , i screamed yeaaa i got a key then clicked on the link from… and … saw… you have destroyed my childhood.

Thanks for the email address by the way. Prepare to meet a lot of hot singles in your area.

Oh wow ninjad.

Polish kids have a bad rep atm around the forum. Stay low and never give out your email.

Damn. Ask for a key , get a free links to gayporn websites , thanks!