Please stop trying to rush the devs

Simple as that.

Developing a game takes time, more time than many seem to think. Demanding something new in each update, and demanding updates each week is pointless stress on the dev team. Let them take the time needed to make it right. I’m very happy they didn’t give us an update this week, because rushing out updates is like taking the pizza out of the oven too early. Sure, it’s pizza so it’s awesome already, but it’s going to be undercooked and not taste nearly as good as it would have if was left in the oven to cook entirely.

The devs have already been doing a great job, and rather than putting pressure on them we should be thanking them that they’re even willing to listen to us in the first place. Plus, the game is in ALPHA. Pleaaaase remember what that means. A game in alpha is like storyboard sketches for an animated movie. Those sketches are nowhere near what the final movie is going to be like, they may change entirely, and it may take years before the movie is even released.

Y’all need to hold your horses and take a chill pill. If you didn’t realize what you were getting into when you bought a game in alpha then that’s your own problem, not their’s, and not our’s.

While I do agree with you on this, there’s one thing to point out.

The game is indeed an alpha, which is even the more reason to get more content out there, there’s so much to try and use, it’s hardly any work coming up with a cool idea in this game since it’s in alpha.

making the idea a reality is another thing. I’ve had rusts for months now and the only new thing is a lockpick that nobody uses cuz it has no use.

Releasing an alpha like rust needs to get constant updates on content or else people will get bored because there’s literally nothing to do anymore.

Uh yeah why not actually read the development blog before claiming there’s been nothing new for months: