Please tell me I'm the only one who saw that light move...

Not sure I wanted to make a thread for this but I think it’s probably good enough.

Kind of hurts my eyes, but other than that, not bad.

Did the light move?

I like the lasers.

the lasers are too solid

I like that way somehow.

I made them like that because they’re IR lasers, and IR lasers through IRNVG are bright as shit.

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Yisss light move, and then it go grgrgrgrgrgrgg

But they’d be green through nightvision, not red. And IR lasers work the exact same way as real lasers. You’ll only see a beam if there’s smoke.

Ah fuck, sorry. Colorblind shit again. I did the NVG look ingame with colormod and I thought it would have changed all the reds to green as well, apparently it didn’t. Anyways, you’re right, I wasn’t thinking about the dust, I might redo tonight with dusty lasers then.

Yeah but no.

Today’s NVGs are made for IR. e.g.: IR strobes seen through gen. 3 NVGs.

pMnky I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make actually haha, the NVG I’m imagining is probably like a gen 3 PVS15, which IIRC is monochromatic with IR, so everything, including the lasers, should be green. And he means they work the same as real lasers with light diffraction, as in you wouldn’t see the beam of a real laser or an IR laser unless it’s catching on atmospheric dust. They really are the same except that you can’t see the dot of an IR laser without IR.

Shouldn’t it be
“Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw that light move…”?

It’s a very nice image, anyway.

He wants to be sure that it was just his imagination.

Yep, the tee has it right.

The lights a hunter isnt it.

Yes yes, hunter go grgrgrgrgrgrgrg, good spot friend

Well in that case those men better write their wills or run like hell.

Very nice position.

i love the NVG edit.

I love the effect, would’ve been nice to see a Alien on the other side of the hall C:<

Do you mean you want just something there, or just an Alien from that series? I’m not a big fan of Alien or Predator to be honest with you. Not my type of monster haha.