Please tell me there is a way to get thru locked chests

I hope to God there is a way to get thru locked chests cause my friends and I came back to the game to try the new branch and were very impressed. We all agreed it was way better then the old rust and had tons of fun building our base, gathering supplies and fighting off people trying to raid us.

Then it was our turn to raid and we spent resources and lots of time getting into a base to find locked chests. We all just quit out RIGHT there. Didnt even care about what we had on us or anything just left the game and said well no more rust then cause thats pointless (this was of course after we looked all around and asked people in the server if there is a way to get into locked chests, everyone said no and I just come here in hopes that they were just trolling and there is infact a way to get into locked chests).

Locked chests are not only game braking and ruin everything that rust is suppose to and has been about since it first started but its also the most pointless shit implemented into the game to date. If someone spends time and resources getting into a base to find locked chests its not like hes just going to say “oh well they are locked” and go on his way, he will destroy the chests so the person would lose all their loot anyways.

How are locked chests good for this game?

If there is infact a way to get into a locked chest then please disregard the rant and by all mean correct this ignorant soul but if locked chests are just now part of the game then this game is ruined in my eyes and not worth playing ever again.

I have HUNDREDS of hours in rust and LOVED the base raiding mechanics of it. Locked chests just make raiding pointless which just makes the game ANOTHER boring survival game.

Well, they seem to have too much hp but u can still destroy them…

We shot arrows at a stone doorway with 2500 hp for like 5 minutes straight to get thru and then shot the lock on this chest for like 15 minutes with nothing. You could not use C4 cause that would destroy the chest.

So what you are saying is when you raid someone now you have to plan on hitting a chest lock for over 15 minutes (do not know how long it really takes cause we gave up after 15 minutes) before you can get to their loot. Cause that would still in my eyes ruin what this game has been for the past couple years now.

lock is undestructable… hit the box…

hitting the box destroys the chest and yields no items whats the point in that. Is this a base raiding game or base destroying game? Cause if the point to raiding is just to destroy other peoples loot while you get none its not worth playing at all.

hmm… 2 weeks ago - destroyed chest definitely thrown all loot on the floor, after update i don’t check this

Hit the chest with a hatchet ~30 times and it breaks and some but not all of its contents will drop on the floor for you to collect.

Though, if raiding is the only thing that makes the game fun to you then you’re definitely doing something wrong here.

Yeah I just tested it and ONE item popped out from a full chest when I destroyed it, this makes raiding 100% pointless. Why would anyone spend resources to raid to get little to nothing in return. What else is there in this game but raiding? Gathering and building? Any run of the mill survival game can do that and WAY better then rust can.

Rusts signature move was base raiding thats what made it fun to everyone, take that away or lower it to the point where the incentive is gone and what you just expect people to gather and build. I can do that in minecraft and you know what minecraft STILL would have better survival then this game.

So YEAH it is all about the base raiding and now that base raiding is ruined whats the point. If you enjoy gathering simulators then more power to you but thats not why I was playing this game for the past 2 years.

RIP raiding = RIP Rust

lol overreacting to an alpha game thats constantly changing in balance, and acting like the imaginary digital goods you couldn’t have are the end of the world. Go ahead and rage that you can’t raid, cry your heart out! I love your tears

Thor, I love you. May I hump your leg a bit? Dry hump, I assure you.

All I heard was…

Bwah! Me and my friend can no longer hop from server to server raiding bases and trolling players.
Enjoy your time away from Rust and dont let the (codelocked) door hit you in the face on the way out.

Spoken like a true shitter that’s playing the wrong game, and whines when people want to play Rust the way it was MADE to be played. Later scrubkid have fun losing everything.

This community is probably the worst I’ve ever seen and I’ve been gaming for 25 years. The op here has a legitimate complaint and all you idiots do is yell alpha at him and act like a crybaby because you are sad that you were raided and want this game to be a building sim. My advice to you op is to check out the game in another 6 months to a year. I haven’t played in 6 months and probably won’t even try for another 6. The game has been trash ever since legacy was abandoned.

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According to your own whiny bitch thread, people exactly like you are the raiders those locked chests are defending against. If you’re such an impatient player that you literally ragequit the game THE SECOND you see a locked chest, then it sounds like the locked chests are working perfectly.

This community is fine. People like you are the problem. Quit crying that there’s something you can’t do RIGHT THIS SECOND OH MY GOD END OF THE WORLD, and figure out ways around it!

I like how you took everything he said, and twisted it out of context to fit your version of his story. Why don’t you go screw yourself kiddo.

(User was banned for this post ("rude" - postal))

Not really, OP doesn’t know how to formulate any kind of legitimate argument, and I have a feeling you’re in the same boat.

As long as you start slowly and wisper sweet nothings to me. I’m a bit of a romantic.

It is amusing seeing all the Internet tough talk over this game. People like donkeypunch and Steelpaws cannot get past the fact that Rust is no longer a first person shooter. They are sitting here monitoring this thread just chomping at the bit for drama and argument inducing replies.

However, that said, raiding is a necessary part of the game currently. There would be almost no threat if we didn’t have people who live in the legacy past and need constant action to keep them entertained.

In this version of Rust, PVP is not the focus of the game, survival is. It is not a building sim as the toughs are fond of saying, it is a survival game. PVP is there as tool to help us achieve this goal. In the game’s current state, raiding is almost all there is to do, it is too easy to survive.

I am sticking around for the day when raiding becomes a necessity for survival. When killing and devouring your best friend becomes a necessity. I think the game will outlast those who didn’t read the description, and the leftovers from Legacy, as will I.

So how did you know what that chest containded before destroying it?

One might contain tons of stuff you desire, others might be filled with crap. Many like to mix up storage…like 50% ammo and 50% charcoal (you just get half the bounty out of a locked chest when destroying it, in case you didn’t know). What other sense there would be for house owners to waste metal fragments on locks if all their stuff will be gone anyway after havin been raided? Right, it annoys raiders a bit but it compares to real life. Even my wardrobe has locks, and i never saw a pirate movie with chests that could be opened instantly^^

edit: If you built, filled, locked yourself for testing, you should report it as a bug.

I fully support raiding. The game would be boring for builders like me if there wasn’t a threat of enemy players. That’s why I love Rust so much but never got into Minecraft, it’s all about players and the threat they create. Kids like this want ez mode raiding where they just have to break a wall and get everything they want. They are too lazy to put actual work in, which is why they are raiders and not builders. I’m totally fine with that, we need raiders to keep the game interesting. The fun is breaking through someone’s really well built defenses, thats what gives the feeling of acomplishment in raiding. What these kids are asking for is the raiding equivalent of shoving junk food into your mouth. They want all the reward with none of the risk or time needed.

Putting all that ranting aside, I find these kids amusing that don’t understand what alpha or in-development really means, and have these mini-melt downs about something that will probably have been completely changed next week. Even if they HAD gotten all the goodies they wanted for wasting time in a video game and were happy, they’d be here next week when the server wipes bitching about that.