Please tell me there is a way to use Maya for GMod and not Hammer!!

Ok, so I r n00b and I am here to ask of the wise and learned sages of GMod to absolve my growing fear that there is no way to use the levels I have already created and am currently working on with Garry’s Mod because they are Maya binary files. I have installed abut not using Hammer from teh source SDK. I really hope there is some way to either port or just convert Maya scenes for GMod. (I am not inclined in any way to use Hammer at all, I find it clumsy and cumbersome for creating anything and the interface kinda weirds me out)

You can’t make maps for gmod using Maya, you could make your map as a model then put it into hammer and compile it, but you’d have to use hammer to light it and seal it off from the void.

Best way is to learn how to use hammer, because there’s no good way to make maps without it.

I was afraid that this was the case, sigh but you do give me good news. So as long as I can still use the models and meshes from Maya I’m still in good shape. I was fiddling with hammer earlier and have found that it is not as terrible as the horror stories made it out to be. so heres my question; how does one go about porting such things into hammer to compile, light and deploy?

Hmm, a map as an .mdl. That could be really useful.

Maps are BSP, not MDL. MDL is for Models.

If he maps as an MDL, he can import it as a model into hammer.

that gives me a great idea. can cut buildings and stuff out of maps and turn them into models lol

Enjoy having absolutely no lighting other than vertex lighting, which will look horrible because the map would have 4 verts per face, giving 4 sample points per face for the lighting, with no lightmaps it’ll end up looking like a pile of shit.

Welcome to facepunch, please refrain from talking like an idiot and use actual words. Thank you.

but MDL is a file type…

I wouldn’t go with making a model-based map. Models don’t take advantage of lightmaps and models cannot block visibility, meaning everything would be rendering at once. Just take your time learning Hammer. It’s not hard once you get used to it within the matter of time.

Hammer isn’t really that scary when you watch a few tutorials on youtube.


Ok, I kno now that there is no avoiding hammer, but I would like to save some time by importing what I already have into hammer to use in gmod. I have some models that I can import and use as mdl’s but my question is how would I import the maya scenes that I have into Hammer in order to use them as maps. Would I import them as meshes?

Dude hammer really isn’t that hard. I started mapping for this first time at 5:00 PM yesterday, it is now 2:00 AM today and I have so far made a fully furnished house, a park, and a street system. I also have good lighting.

I’m not saying that it’s hard. I’ve been playing around with it and learning how to import some of my premade models. I would like to save time if at all possible. though it seems that the amount of time I have spent trying to figure out how to import my Maya environments is becoming superfluous. I probably could have reconstructed them by now in hammer if I sat down and just punched them out. the info I’ve gleaned so far has been helpful, so I guess I’ll have to quit whining and do something…

That’s the spirit! lol

Would this be of help?

Wow. I was doing it the hard way. That was most helpful, Thanks! The plug-in for Maya makes it that much easier. I’ll have to look in to those tutorials on map making in Hammer and reconstruct my Maya environs.

Long story short, Source Engine is not Unreal Engine 3, making a map just out of models is possible but it will look horrible.

Put it into sketchup, then use the Sketchup VMT plugin.