Please update HapisIsland

People are still building and blocking off access to all loot areas on HapisIsland map please fix.

legitimate tactic, not a bug/error. break in with a bunch of people who are also locked out of the loot areas.

This map is abandoned for now. No barrels spawning, right? Did they do any work on this recently? Pretty sure not. Almost no servers run Hapis now. Why would you play on a server with no barrels for loot? Project is dead for now.

The loot spawns fine just people are building armored bases on them kind of hard to break in.

They should do a separate project just for shits and giggles and make a beta version of the Legacy map and throw it out there for people to use to see the feedback.

I don’t understand why so many proeple like the legacy map… It was pretty bad really. Is it just people were used to it?

I love new Rust (even though it runs like crap -23 FPS on lowest settings- on my pretty decent config - no gamer PC, but enough to run pretty heavy games like BF4 smoothly), but I sometimes miss Legacy (that runs at 60fps on max settings with grass off). Most people started on Legacy (or even the browser version), and had tons of fun on this map that they know every corner of. There is a reason people play “classic” games. Not only because some of them were better than more recent iterations, but also because they are nostalgic. I know I am :slight_smile:

I am not talking about the rad towns and monuments. I am talking about barrels on roads. Did they fix this?

And the reason maps are procedural now is because people developed perfect strats for Rust_Island_2013 and optimized loops between radtowns. After a server wiped it was a race to be the first to log in, because you’d be the first to achieve kevlar almost immediately and could begin to dominate the latecomers.

I don’t think you’re going to convince the devs to put in a fuckton of work to re-enable that kind of broken behaviour.

I didn’t play EVERY SINGLE HOUR of my time, so yeah, sometimes people were already a couple days ahead of me when I came on a server. Thing is, there could be weeks or even months between two wipes. I’ve kept my house intact (almost, my “minor” loot room was raided. ONCE) for 6 weeks on a server with 30+ people that I joined 2 weeks after the wipe. So it was possible. Even for a solo player or a small group. It’s not Age of Empires where every single second that you lose could cost you victory (online, I mean). Yeah sure, some people spam the refresh button when there is a wipe to be the first online, but it doesn’t mean they were dominating the whole server within hours.

And I’m not trying to convince anyone, i’m just stating my point of view and saying I sometimes miss Legacy. Doesn’t mean I want it back instead of the current version.

Yeah Hapis is still broken! The barrels only spawn in the airport radtown and the lake radtown… The number of them increased 2 weeks ago, but it’s still way less barrels than on procgen maps.

Minerals are also an issue, there is about 6X less ore nodes on Hapis than on a standard procgen 4K map, so it’s really not easy to find.

Animals are pretty far and few apart as well…

All that said, I wrote a plugin for Oxide called Cornucopia that fixes all of this. If any server owner out there wants to run Hapis and have loot and nodes, it is possible.

For the issue with tunnel building, if the server is running Oxide the admin can use the plugin “Zones Manager” and make exclusion zones for building in those areas.

Vanilla Hapis… forget about it until they fix it, it’s total shit.