Please update London l + ll

I haven’t found a thread for this yet, only people complaining about connection issues…

Could a Dev or Server admin please start the update on London 1 and 2? They crashed before the automatic update started and are still running on the previous patch. I know that its a Testserver, but why let them die?

Would be nice to get a anwser or a notification whats going on… its weekend and we can’t play our favorite game :frowning:

I see 43 people connected to London I, how is that possible? Are those people just trying to connect?

No, you can set rust to stable-debug… now you can join… but its no fun… so many people abuse it and raid people that cant connect or let doors open… houses are decaying because the owners cant repair it and so on

How can i do that ?

i also posted in another thread the server is constantly timing out and its the most anoying thing in the world when your fighting and server shuts down then big race to connect and lose all your stuff !!!
we appreciate that its a test server but yesterday it worked fine

Right-Click on Rust in Steam -> Properties -> BETAS -> select stable-debug

Thank you