Please Wipe London 1 Immediately

Same theme as a lot of posts on here but no word from official server hosts as far as I can tell.

Our server was plagued with the dupe glitch last night, even though the glitch has been dealt with there are several clans on the server that have hordes of free C4 that they are outright flaunting, blowing up doors with C4 that aren’t even attached to anything etc.

Most notably, a Russian clan called the [WIPE] clan had enough C4 to level a building that was so big I thought whoever built it must have used some sort of dupe glitch to build it in the first place.

I had a highly secure cave base made almost entirely of steel and that was removed and we were blocked out because of the same glitch, the guy (extr3mz) likely must have used 20-30 C4 to get in.

Sure it’s fun to use whilst it’s there, but the server needs a wipe now as those which abused the glitch for 12 hours now have almost unusable amounts of C4 that they didn’t need to create legitimately - anyone trying to play legit can’t do anything about it. Lots of big clans have quit over this, and those smaller groups of us don’t want to play in this current shambles we’re in, nor wait 3 weeks for the regular reset to come around whilst the big clans run amock of everyone else with duped C4.

See this for how bad things are atm, this is an offical server: :frown:

If by steel you mean sheet metal, GG why would you expect you base to be around even for a few hours, those bases take little to none to break into with any type of explosives, even beancan grenades will get you into a sheet metal base with ease.

victim blaming

Assumption that the OP was a victim of the glitch and not normal raids that happen all the time.

If people moved off the servers where people are abusing exploits, those players would have nothing to do.

By steel I mean the top tier of wall/door. Considering there were about 7 walls they needed to blast through that were all the top tier, and I watched them systematically butcher the entire area surrounding my base with C4, I’m going to quite safely assume this was glitched C4, being that it was happening in the peak of the C4 duping, and no one carries around 100 legit C4 with them at once…

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I don’t understand the mentality of people that just outright suggest we play on community servers rather than official servers - surely the official servers should be willing to adapt when something goes awry. I appreciate the game is in alpha, but that’s no excuse to just leave bugs in the game once they have been identified and rectified

What bugs are they leaving in the game? I thought the OP was about wiping after the hack was fixed?

If the Official servers are full of hackers, and FP has decided to leave them without admins who can wipe or ban hackers, why would people not suggest to play on private servers. People say don’t play on Official servers because usually the game is bad on official servers because of so many hackers.