Please help me someone i make a map in Source SDk and my save map is .vmf and i whant to be bsp cuz i whant to put on my server please help me how can i make

I don’t know much about mapping, but I think you have to actually compile it to a bsp before loading it into GMOD.

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There are a lot of helpful tutorials on YouTube.

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To compile your map press F9, and if you want a properly made .bsp file then just press “OKAY”, but if you want it for testing then click Fast for the two options that use the “FAST” option.

Wait a while, and there you go. Find the .bsp where you saved the .vmf and place it in your maps folder.


To convert a VMF to a BSP, you must compile it.

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to turn a map from vmf to bsp, click file in the top left of the editor and click run map.

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Compile the map as others have said :v:

he’s basically asking how to compile.

is compiling a map as simple as starting a map and saying “compile!”?

no, there are options.

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But yeah, basically, press f9 or that little button at the top that looks like (To me it looks like the steam logo) and it will let you preview your map. TA-DA it’s compiled. Now simply go to the file you saved the map in and select the .bsp, and your done.