Pliskin from MGS2

Alright, So I have MGS2 on PC, I downloaded blender, grabbed some models and textures and converted them to .OBJ so now, this is what I have so far.


(excuse the roughness, I have no clue how to smooth or Render etc.)

“Iroquois Pliskin” model from MGS2, I also have Raiden (who lacks hair) and Olga (with her ninja suit) ripped so far, Now I know jack about modeling and only got these into blender from stabbing in the dark, if anyone experienced with porting Models from one game to another wants to help me out, I can extract any model and texture they need.

You know, I did see Metal Gear Ray earlier, I can see a few people wanting that in GMOD, or better yet, replace the Strider’s in HL2 evil laugh

But yeah this is about as far as I can go in terms of modeling haha.

Anyone wanting to jump on board and help would be REALLY REALLY good.

EDIT: I tried out milkshape to see how they come up in that and it was rather nice, also I threw in some “Olga Ninja Love” for those who like that.

It seems that thee is quite a large visual difference between MGS2 & 3, however that is purely texture work, in other words Snake in Brawl is just the MGS2 Model with some nice and clear MGS3 style textures.

I’m willing to give it a try if you’re interested, what format are the models in at the moment?

They’re in a “.OBJ” format, which most 3D modeling programs should be able to open.

If you want to do it, I’ll upload it somewhere and PM you I suppose.

I’ve never been a fan of the MGS games but i think that the model should be made for the fans if you know what i mean.

Pliskin?! what about ocelot? :*(

This could be easily made by taking the head from the snake model and putting it on any military model. Looks like your doing a good job anyway though.

You do Realize this is THE ACTUAL Pliskin Model from MGS2, If I get help and someone manages to get them into GMOD, we’ll rip others like Ocelot, Solidus, etc.

Pliskin is just a “May as well start somewhere” Kind of thing.

For texture, select the model, go into the uv face select menu on the 3d window and in the bottom window click the button on the far left and go to UV image editor. Make sure all the faces are selected and if it just shows two large triangles making up a black texture the model isn’t uved but if it shows the outlines of the edges in a similar fashion to the texture you ripped from the game go into the Image->open then select the texture.

Or you just could send it to someone if you don’t understand what to do and see if they can figure it out.


Also there is a small menu window that may look like a cube with squares on each of the faces except for the front face, this is the model view window, from here you can view the model in different ways, from wireframe or bounding box to shaded and textures.

Alright I’ll mess around and see if I can get a shot with the texture, either way I have the files so whoever wants to port pliskin to Gmod as a test run can do so, just let me know.

Please,rip Solidus Snake :slight_smile:

Alright So I basically give up on “modeling” since i know jack about and don’t have the patience to learn, however I will continue to rip when someone wants to get the files off of me.

They come up smooth in “Milkshape”, this time I thought I’d show some of Olga in her big “Ninja” suit.

They would look great in HL2 with some nice Hi-Res textures.

Port Metal Gear Rex somehow, and I guarantee you I’ll probably be doing a SNPC with animations.

Rex COULD be done if I had “The Twin Snakes” as an ISO or something since it works the same as MGS2 as far as ripping, however I don’t have it so the chances are if I can get a few to help, then Ray will be first.

I’d really only want Twin Snakes for the Grey Fox and Meryl models or something, whom both are in MGS2 VR training anyway.

Although… Liquid would be epic to have.

Isn’t Rex in the tanker level with the marines?

That’s Metal Gear “Ray” on that tanker, then the ones you see later are the same, but mass produced versions, Rex is only shown I think in a flashback from MGS1 and mentioned a few times.



This is Rex the Metal Gear from MGS1 and “The Twin Snakes”

It’s about time somebody did these. We’ve had the means to rip them for quite some time now, I’m surprised it took this long.

Good job.

Yeah the only one that has basically proved so far to be unrippable is MGS3, we can’t open the .DAT files, the guy who made this “Solidus” program I have been using stopped work on it in 2006, it can rip from MGS2 and Twin Snakes, but not MGS3, using a PS2 emulator and DX Ripper you can get “some” textures from MGS3 but no models.

Neat, I’ve been working on mgs a little myself till some other stuff happen so i haven’t had time to do all of them yet but here some of what i did.
I’m planing to make it into a pack, when it all done.

Holy hell, that’s awesome Nexus, I’ve always wanted to have a shot at re skinning MGS models into some epic HL2 detail.

It looks like you have it covered, but if you want any other MGS2 models let me know, I’d be happy to find them.

Honestly I always wanted to make a Deathmatch mod that played like MGS haha, think of HL2DM with MGS camera angles and combat haha.

don’t forget to credits me nexus

Ah my bad man, it’s been a while. Ya you’ve been a great help.