Plot Pole??

Im getting a bit sick of the griefing kiddies that play this game and i was just wondering why the devs havent implemented a plot pole similar to what they did in dayz epoch. With a plot pole in ur base it made it impossible for people to build around your base they only way they could build was by destroying your plot pole…The way that people stop others from building now is by placing extra foundations around with a pillar in the center. but the pillars decay so one night when your nice and cozy in your bed boom your pillars destroy themselves and raiders come and build their stairs and bing bang boom you have lost all your hard earned stuff.

To be honest i really dont feel like putting hours of work into a base just for some 12 yr old kid to wall it up or build stairs to get in. Not sure if i can play this game until this issue is addressed.

Personal problem? Yeah the game is still in alpha. Devs have more important things to deal with at the moment.

Adding this will damage the game

Not doing anything will damage the game, there is almost no point building any sort of base. The amount of C4 people are running around with is ridiculous, and even if you put 80 metal doors from the ground up. They wait for pillars to decay (which you cant heal btw) then go straight in with more pillars and stairs, GG.

You haven’t explained what a plot pole is, but I guess it would restrict a lot of what players can do to ‘interact’ / raid others.

the problem is that you got too many stupid parents that buy their 10 year old this game…ive meet literally 1 mature over 2-3 weeks playing…no im not crying about it but it bugs me to not meet mature ppl to have fun with^^ maybe im getting too old for this…haha!

yea a plot pole will basically stop people from building around your base in a 30m radius thus stopping the griefing,well thats what it was in epoch but i think the radius could be smaller for this game since you dont have to build to defend against armored cars and such.

Homo…i dont see how it could damage the game…maybe enlighten us?? add something constructive mate.

And i know the devs are working on more important stuff it was just an idea is all

I think your idea of a plot pole should be a Addon and not a actual part of the game, because personalty I enjoy the raids and I enjoy being raided its all apart of the game.

Isn’t it perhaps ironic that you guys commit the logical fallacies a child would, by assuming anyone who raids your base and uses smart techniques like building staircases to bypass floors is a child?

That seems to be everyone’s assumptions on the internet. Obviously children are getting smarter than us :smiley:

theres a huge difference in ppl beeing a smart raider and kids…dont get me wrong i like pvp but killing ppl that have nothing is just plain stupid…if there was a ranking system for kills it would make sense but you have nothing out of killing a naked guy…do you? oh yeah a torch and some bandages…and a rock:-P…and you know there kids because of voicechat:-)

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AND I bet it gets lots of ppl frustrated because they probably cant start playing right because they get ganked ALL the time:-)

I enjoy the raiding and defending bases aswell i mean thats the game and if someone c4’s my doors then so be it what i dont like is people are able to build walls and doors in your base once they have gained access…its frustrating to say the least if you have spent hours working on your base. In dayz epoch with the plot pole however you could still be raided but people couldn’t grief you so easily unless they found your plot pole

Like I said make it a addon so people can choose if they want it or not it should not be mandatory.

Yep i could live with that

Griefing is part of the game, make a better base or join a group.

seem like trolling is part of these forums to…once again nothing added

Having a hard time understanding your problem - It seems that you are using the word “grief” in a matter which simply implies a raid. - Can you please confirm?

Regardless, You can build your base so people wont be able to build up. All you got to do is think smart.

i spent the whole day “again” building a base, just for someone to come along and raid it, which isnt the problem, the problem is they put doors on it and stop me from using it, so now i have 2 choice’s, start again and spend the whole day building another base, or just stop playing, why should i waste my whole day making a base when people can just take it over with one or two doors?

the problem is not people raiding my base, the problem is people ruining my base for me to continue to use it

why dont people raid a base and leave the building intact so the person can rebuild, then the raiders can come back and raid again if needed? by ruining or taking over someones house just makes them not want to do it again and waste there time playing, so essentially your just killing the servers, because who else will there be to raid once you have run everyone off the server

and yes i play solo

i have seen this happen on the United Kingdom server already, one group raids everybody, eventually all thats left on the server is a ton of empty bases and no players, how is that helping the game?

I’ve always been quite amused by those that consider differing opinions trolling.

I quite like the idea, it would add a new dynamic to raiding bases. Do you go after the loot? Or after the pole so you can take over the base? Or wait until you can do both?