PLS!! help, hosting a server cannot play TTT ( spectating problem), Prop Hunt ( waiting for game to start)

Plz!! Help guys!!!

TTT problem: so i am hosting a server with 4 of my friends. So when everyone is in the game everyone isin spectating mode. Cannot spawn. I have no idea whats happened. I have tried pressing F1 go to settings and change the tick “only spectating mode” nothing happened ( it actually off so i actually press it twice to uncheck it)
I have tried open the console too ttt_spectate 0 nothing happened either


ok Prop Hunt: my friends are in but we cannot start the game ( i am still hosting)
It stucks at “waiting for game to start” and there is no way to play the game. Plz help

I know that a lot of u guys had this problem too. Pls solve it!!

Nobody really has this problem, considering the only reason this problem should arise with a proper version of the gamemode is faultily configuring it. Have you touched any configs for minimum players or anything like that?

Actually there are a lot of guys having this problem
As u can see: in this link in the comments

They are asking a lot how to start the game Prop Hunt

And here is discussions on TTT game

So both ways wont work for me.

I Haven’t touched any configs for minimum players yet. All my friends can join in the server but the game wont start

plz help!!!

Anyone I’ve ever seen properly start up a server using these gamemodes has gotten it to work flawlessly, including myself.

Someone stated on the prop hunt that you had to uninstall wiremod, and someone on the TTT that it was an issue in the F1 menu, so those links are kind of invalid considering they all provided fixes to their issues, as should yours

Oh so the wiremod. What is that mod. I have it Installed but it doesn’t show any errors. Anyway, I will try to uninstall it.

Basically remove and unsubscribe from all your addons. This should fix any issue. Make sure for TTT you only install addons specifically made for it.

Yeah that works. But how i gonna play the other mods?? Everything it’ going to be errors

Only keep the addons you need installed, try finding the exact addon causing the issue with guess and check if you want.

Run a dedicated server instead of a listen server