Pls help my fix this error


When I start my Server all´s ok but as soon as somebody join, my console is permanently full with this error :

Warning: Skipping command lua_run timer.Simple(120, function() http.Fetch(´http: 

Can anyone fix it pls :3 Sry
for my bad english and I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:
Thx Azoni

Depending what addon causes this, like fragradio or any of the sort.

You may not know this but like whitestar said it. It coulds come from a faulty addons.

From what I see, This error means that somethings is trying to run a long commands into lua_run, which is a console command and not a lua function. And lua_run has it’s limits for maximums characters. So, in short, if is it too long. It will simply skip the command.

Maybe its an backdoored addon :v: (leaked addon)

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Because http.Fetch inside Lua run looks really dangerous.

Az0n1, try BraxScan and follow the instructions on the console, just in cases for backdoors addons: