PLS Help With Graphics on Mac

hey i saved my graphics options when i first opend the game and now it will not let me open them it goes to the game. I am getting about 8 fps when i should be getting about 60 on low (I’m on fantastic just to try it out)

what are your PC specs… o wait nvm…

Im on a mac

Install Windows and dual boot.

How do you know what fps you should be getting? This game’s an unoptimized alpha. Also, Mac support is a slightly rough road because there are Mac-specific problems that are caused not by Rust itself but for Unity for Mac.

Please post your specs. And ignore the morons who want to make “Macs aren’t for games/install Windows for a real OS” jokes, they’re fucktards who aren’t helping.

Macbook pro late 2011
2.4 GHz Intel core i5
Memory-4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics- intel HD graphics 3000 384 MB
Software- mac osx lion 10.7.5
i can play but its laggy as hell and when it comes to trying to defend myself or hunt its fustrating. i just want to play smoothly because it look so much more fun

Here’s why. Intel HD Graphics + Rust = abusive relationship

The game’s still quite unoptimized and runs slower than it should on even competent machines. However, your machine is most decidedly not a gaming machine as far as Rust’s current state is concerned. (Not in general, mind you.)

Here are some options you can set that’ll lessen the load on your underpowered integrated GPU at the cost of looking even worse.

Hit F1 in-game and run these commands in the console. If they help, you can make them permanent in the config files, although those’ve moved around lately.

grass.on false
grass.shadowcast false
grass.shadowreceive false
gfx.ssaa false
gfx.bloom false
gfx.ssao false

This basically turns off antialiasing, ambient occlusion, bloom, ground shadow effects, and severely reduces/removes grass from being drawn. Rust is going to look worse, but it may be more playable for you.

BTW, you should leave the quality level in the launcher alone, it doesn’t do much. You can set it to the minimum if you are desperate for frames per second, but you’ll get far better results changing the in-game options and the console commands given above.

It runs alot better ! way smoother than before, any other tips?

Lower your in-game resolution. e.g. if you play at 1920x1080 lower the resolution down to 1280x720. This means less pixels for the video card to have to pump out in the first place.

this is mine and it happens to you to :frowning:

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that is the thing i cant do that. I saved my settings (not in the game the little window when you first open it) and i cant find a way to open it now pls help with that

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where do i find the .config files on mac

Not sure where the config files live; I don’t have a Mac, and things were changed around to help make it harder for cheats recently.

ok good thing my pc is being shipped to my now i guess i have to wait for it to play this awesome game. I like it better then dayz because it fells so much more chill to much pressure comes with that game.