Pls Pls help me!! All orangebox content has disappeared from browse tab in gmod!!!!

Im new to all this and its driving me crazy!! My son bugged me to buy gmod for him a few days ago. I brought and downloaded it from steam along with hl2. all was fine. 2 days ago i purchased the orangebox from steam, all the games downloaded fine and are in my steam games library. my son launched gmod and in the browse menu there was, gmod, hl2, portal, hl ep 1 and 2, team fortress and team fortress 2 and css. Everything was running fine and he could spawn everything from the props menu. He played for 3 hours then saved his game and shut down the laptop. later when he went back into gmod all that was showing in the browse tab was … all, hl2, garry’s mod! The others have vanished! When clicking on the props tab all the games in the orangebox are listed but when he tries to spawn any of them he gets the word ERROR in red letters and it says “missing content”. All the orangebox games are on my steam game library and they all play fine as stand alone games. How can I get the content back onto gmod and why did they just disappear after playing without any problems when 1st downlaoded? Ive been trying for nearly 2 days to find a solution and feel just about ready to delete everything and throw my laptop out of the window!!!

Uhm… Ok? First, make sure all those games are downloaded, and their cache is verified. Then, go in Garrysmod, and check in the “Extensions” button, if the games are mounted, if they aren’t. Check the box beside the games name, then close gmod and run it again. It should be fine.

Re-Install Gmod
Right click it
Go to properties
click the tab that says “Local Files”
Go find the option saying: Verify Integrity of Game Cache"

or use the one under it…Best I could do here.

Mr Macintosh, the games are all downloaded, i have opened and run each one without any problems, also they have all been verified. When i open the extension menu and click on the content tab, all the games from the orange box have nothing next to them whilst there are some other games listed that say not available (non of these are games that i have purchased though). The view on the extensions menu is very poor, i cannot scroll up/down or left/right, there may be something next to the orangebox games but i cannot seem to change the view to see this.
30spartan300 ill try what youve suggested and fingers crossed something will work.

How about screenshots of you actually having the OJ box in your games library.
I’m sure people would love to see if you actually have it and not a pirated version.

Just making suggestions mods, Dont ban me please.

pls pls tell me how to do that and i glady will, im desperate for help x

Well, since you obviously don’t know how to take a screenshot of your own desktop, I’m no longer helping, You could be a troll, or your just to lazy to look on how to do it.

I’ve tried helping him out mods.

How rude are you!!! Im not a troll Im simply a 37 year old mom who can work the basic functions of a laptop!! However my 9 year old has been bombarding me for weeks to sort out garrys mod as all his friends have it!!! I managed that and also downloaded some addons for him. I have never extracted files etc etc before so i am very much learning as I go along. When things work well and are straightforward Im ok but when things go wrong Im sorry but I do have to ask for help!!! I apologise for not being as clever as you but we cant all be f*****g Bill Gates can we!!! Thanks for your help, Ill be sure to tell my son in the morning why I couldnt sort this mess out!!!

You should not be letting your son play Garrysmod. Thats how most kids turn into fucktards, i’m not joking.

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And, you don’t have to be Bill Gates to moderately know about computers.
Also, how does a MOM know what troll means? I think you are really just some 12 year old posing as a mom so people won’t yell at you :v:

And as for being too lazy to work things out!!! Ive been trying for 2 days to sort out the problem in question, I dont feel the need to start researching how to take screen shots to prove to a perfect stranger that I have legally downloaded and paid for these games!!!

I don’t think a 37 year old would be this panicky and dumb when it comes to a 9 year olds game…

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Plus, if you don’t have the time to work things out, why would you take the time to do stuff to your profile?
AKA, your/your son’s steam account (
Oh, and when you show a proof of purchase, more people are to help you, since most people don’t care for people who Pirate their games.

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And when does Team Fortress Classic come with the Orange Box?

My mistake!! Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress beta, is that better? I got gmod and hl2 on 7th jan and the only thing I took time out to do was create a profile name and a picture that my son wanted! Hes been playing regulary until i purchased the orangebox for him a couple of days ago. If you choose not to believe that these games were purchased and downloaded legally then thats up to you, you wont tell me how to prove otherwise (as I have no idea how to take screen shots etc and upload them onto this forum). And when it comes to me being panicky and dumb then yes I guess I am, I dont know how to resolve this issue and my son is driving me to insanity asking every 10 minutes if its fixed yet!! As for him being a fucktard, he likes zombies yes and he loves construction, if that classes him as weird then so be it!

njz, you have no games in your steam list, it’s obvious you pirated Garry’s Mod and the other games.

…Forgive me for feeding the troll/being a tool.

:siren:STEP ONE:siren:
Press the PRINT SCREEN button on your computer.
:siren:STEP TWO:siren:
Open paint and press ctrl+v (Or goto edit>paste)
:siren:STEP THREE:siren:
Upload to

There you go.

You’re not feeding a troll, you’re helping somone out is is having some difficulty getting gmod to work.

Everyone else is just being an ass.

thankyou compwhizii, I am desperate to go to bed but I really really need to get this screenshot uploaded on here so I can prove these people wrong!! Ive taken the pic and have it in paint but dont know how to get it from there to here!! Cant see an option in the reply box to attatch and image!! So much for sorting out the initial problem!!

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thankyou compwhizii, im desperate to go to bed but i really want to upload this screenshot so i can prove these people wrong! Ive taken pic and saved it etc but cant see a link in the reply box to upload an attatchment. So much for sorting out the initial gmod issue!!!

Have you saved the image? If so, use an image uploading service like
Click “Simple” on the left of the page.
Find the upload button.
Select the image you’ve saved.
When it’s done, copy the link it gives you in the right box and paste it here.

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A picture speaks a thousand words!!! Thanks for the gmod advice NOT!!! But thanks to somefaggot and compwhizzi for your help xx

You might have to remount the content.
Launch Garry’s Mod.
Go to Extensions.
On the right of the window click “Game Content”
Check all the games you want content from.
Restart Garry’s Mod.

Ive tried that but half of the extension screen seems to be missing!! I cant view the whole screen to see what it says to the right of each game, i cant see which boxes are checked or unchecked. I cant find a way to adjust the screen size or alter the view. Its really frustrating as I have to ctrl alt delete to exit the extensions menu aswell as I cant get the the x to close the screen!