[plugin] Donation store and reward launched by playredox.com

PlayRedox was founded by two Rust players who grew tired of servers with inactive admins, admin abuse, and poor performance. We decided to launch or own server and mods for the community. We soon realized there wasn’t much of a way for community member to support their servers. So we are trying to make plugins that can benefit the server and community. Along the way we thought of the donation store.

This is an oxide plugin, so thank you to all the oxide developers, and garry for making such a great game.

Donation Store

We originally developed it  so the money from the donation store goes to pay hosting (Rust, web, store) costs, continued development of **custom** plugins, allowing us to put up more PlayRedox Rust servers, maintaining our active admins.

The store is set up almost like other micro transaction type philosophy, with cheap prices for rewards. * This is done for two reasons, because the game is in alpha. And more importantly the nature of the high turnover rate in bases/weapons/resources. We do have a 30 day wipe guarantee for any donations. *

Its nice for the dedicated players of your server cause they could build a "vacation" house the EXACT way want without having to farm for 6+ hours! and craft for 2+ hours. So it has interesting dynamics

*More Infomation at www.playredox.com !*

This plugin and server script is in beta, and we are looking to see if there would be interest in releasing for other servers and communities to use. We are still very much aware that the game is still in alpha and are interested to see how server balance and gameplay can potentially be affected. That’s why we won’t offer certain items, and may not offer future ones.

Our #1 priority is maintain a “fun” server balance, and we may have to make adjustments to the item availability. So some ideas:

  1. X items offered per day
  2. Once x dollars is reached per month no items are offered anymore.
  3. Only offer structural/building thin only crafting material?
  4. UPDATE: Weapons and Ammo Removed
  5. **Update:**Script other non-combat/ ingame claimable perks? (name colors?). This is difficult with the state of oxide/game, only so much we can do. But we are going to get creative and making other things that don’t affect gameplay but are quite unique.

Point is we don’t know the direction and looking to other for ideas, and seeing if other would be interested in something like it.

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absolute crap. i was hoping something like this would never happen, i had requests all the time with rust++ to add something for donators, but it’s simply ridiculous to get ANY in game item for money. It cost what, 10 or 15 bucks to host a server? if people try to profit off that then that’s some serious bullshit, your making corrupt servers.

This is NOT a donation. You are selling ingame stuff thats all. You can even buy a full weapon + ammo + kevlar with your " donation ". Saying this is to maintain the server cost is ridiculous. You are obviously trying to get some money out of it. And honestly, if you are going to sell ingame stuff at least name it right.

i hope facepunch enforce some rules on this stuff and hand out bans to the ones selling items for money, it’s not how the game is meant to be played. you also posted in the wrong section and tried to get us to play your server to buy items? i hope you get as many chargebacks as you deserve.

Eh. It was inevitable.

…Um so pretty much you want people to pay you money and you give them in game items just to run your server? Am I getting this right because if I am that is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Why would people join a game and pay you for stuff they can get themselves let alone have you profit of the people in your server. How is this justified in any way, shape, or form? If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.

more reply = more hits. better leave this until mod decide to take action on this. it’s on the wrong section imo.

I’m not against donation rewards, but you’re plain selling items.

I wish there was a Super-Dumb button :frowning:

Unfortunately something like this was indeed inevitable as Canvox stated. Only thing we do now is hope that our beloved Rust gods deem RMT’ing illegal.

Please don’t turn Rust into fucking The War Z. Holy shit, no.

No no no no no. If you can’t get donations from players who are greatful to be a part of your server community, there’s something wrong with your server community and the way you’re managing it.

Turning it into a microtransaction store is not the solution.

I’m sorry if its getting interpreted in such a way, but for me if we wanted it to be a store we would not:

  1. Look to release a plugin for anyone to use/modify. Would be the exact opposite of beneficial if we wanted to “rack in” the money from a “store”.
  2. We will impose limits on items offered, and quantities. Heck we may not even offer items, till we can script other perks for donating (reserver slots, color text names, or other things).
  3. We are going to be scripting monthly goals, so once reached… nothing can be claimed.

But i was afraid that it might be plagued by a knee jerk reaction to microtransaction = always bad, and new microdonations are seen in same light. Even an opensource, limited plugin may not be appealing. We are looking to implement it correctly and in good faith.


“Pay-to-win bullshit”
there you go, I fixed it for you!

I hope no one plays on any server with pay to win bull shit like this.

If people want to donate for non-game affecting things then I’d be down for that.

I have seen multiple servers you login into that state Donate for Gifts in there server motto. Even seen this on some rust websites folks are running, saying they need donations for the 20$ a month server cost and giving items ingame based on support. Donate to support your community, not the pay to win as jonnymad stated. It is alpha, so hopefully as time goes on folks get rich schemes will go away.

Has anyone actually been buying equipment from you!? My god lol…

I have a donation page on my website for my server, but the only perk they get is a gold name. This is just plain pay to win man, I’m all for rewarding people who donate; but you’ve gone to the next level.

I don’t understand why people are so negative towards this… Its simple…if people abuse the shit out of “donated” items/privileges, just revoke them without a refund. There are people who pay a considerable amount of money for larger servers or even dedicated machines. Even if excess money is made it…it can be used to better the community’s other areas. Website, voice servers, giveaways. I think people need to stop thinking so narrow mindedly on this subject.

Another thing to mention…wouldn’t be obvious anyway if a server owner was trying to make a quick buck? Who would bother “donating” to them anyway?

A lot of “Private” MMO servers do the “donation” thing. Usually donation items have no effect on the game until you try to participate in PvP and find yourself unable to compete with people who shelled out $$$ for custom gear that makes them pretty much invincible(and therefore makes PvP nothing but invincible players tickling each other all day, only stopping to slaughter a norm).

Most people aren’t keen to this kind of thing for Rust as while yeah, it helps pay server costs, it also could greatly disrupt the balance of the game. I personally could care less. Unless donation items are bound to a SteamID as long as they play on the server, they probably will just get killed and lose their stuff at some point. Just like the game goes anyway.

who plays on community servers anyways rofl

what an obvious gimmick fraud OP is

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man I should do this

I would be so rich

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or on new video games