plugin thats removes just buildings

as the title says i ask for ur help to find rust experimental plugin that can remove junk buildings after X minutes or hours so the server will not reach 150,000 blocks limit so fast

example of junk buildings

Its pretty easy to have admins fly around and delete those while you wait for the plugin. I spend an hour max a day doing this on a server that averages 20+ most of the day. Server hasn’t been wiped in 2 weeks and isn’t even halfway to the 150k limit.

hmm, there are far more important tasks than to remove junk buildings i think. if the plugin like i mentioned exists

Wouldn’t be hard to do, would just have to use something like a check for if the foundation is within the area of a cupboard, if not then remove after x amount of minutes.

Hell if someone hasn’t already done this, I might code a plugin for it.

dude i spent days searching for a plugin like this but no success. if ull do it it wud be awsome!

Can we have a forum plugin that removes “baby talk”?

english isnt my native tongue

Well, in that case I may have been a bit harsh on you. You do very well when you try.

My point was just that if you can spell words like “success” and “native”, I’m sure you can manage “would” and “you”…

The server owner gods have spoken… and they want the decay back.

how its going dude?

Go play on official, land of no admins. People can build entire radiation areas in. We need decay back plain and simple and an implementation that disallows people from building too close to a rad town or some sort of extreme decay on the building materials within a certain range of a Rad town. They also need to put a permanent no build road or something leading into the rad towns so they can not be closed off.