Plunger Harpoon

Work In Progress
I thought i could be a cool swep or tool

Plunger has too many edgeloops, must suck up a a toooooon of polygons, eh?

Also, how’s this thing fire?

it’s really cool.
I REALLY hate the new imageshack small image thing.
I hafta reload the page to see images.

On topic:
Can’t wait to see it’s swep!

I know i will reduce polygons onece I’m nearer complition

You tell me I’m thinking of using airpressure, either a fire extinguisher or a propan can.


You don’t get that problem if you get given the direct link, that’s what I always give when I use it.

Anyway that’s a pretty interesting idea, if there ever was a SWEP of that It would be hell fun, would work kind of like that Harpoon tool you can download of

Giant waste of polys there, which i don’t doubt you will get rid of.

already done
Update later to day


And how would you hold this?

On the shoulder

Where’s the trigger?

not figured that part out yet this is the waist fired version

Have a toilet handle as the trigger.

EDIT: Like you hold the grip with your right hand and use the toilet handle with your other.

need some more ideas and inspiration guy’s i want it to be made out of scrap metal


Imagine this you shot a harpoon in a zombies face making him blind and stupid looking then you finish him of with an arrow

I still don’t see how the fuck you shoot this.

I’m working on it


EDIT: And make it do a flushing noise when it fires!

Oh yes master i will command you… idiot
Be more specific!
I’m not going to code it seeing how i can’t script


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I’m so glad we can all be mature and civilized.

Make a toilet handle modeled on the left side of the gun, and the firing animation is that your left hand pulls down the handle and the plunger flies out.

well you see my good mate toilet handles all look different