Plushie watching up to the sky

This is my second uploaded picture in Facepunch. Actually made this as a background for a friend, but i uploaded it there too… Feel free to use.

C&C Please. Enjoy.

-Edit- Oh, and i removed the christmas hat. Thats why it looks a bit blurry on the plushie.

You can barely see the Sackboy.

I think it fits in there…



And yes, it is a bit too dark.

Foreground is way too dark, background is aliased in places and inconsistently blurred in others. If you’d used SDoF instead and eased up a little on the brightness/contrast settings, you’d have a really nice picture, though.

It’s blurry and low res in a few areas. The area is too brown for sackboi. Try SDof, it might help some.


Thank’s for the link.