Pluton for Experimental RustDedicated, from the Fougerite community

The Fougerite community has made public its Github repository for Pluton, a new mod for experimental branch RustDedicated server, or as I like to call it, the active development branch.

The Pluton project can be cloned from Notulp/Pluton on Github. We hope to get bug reports in the Issues section of the project and pull requests from your fork, if you have fixed a problem, or added a cool feature. For now, there is no binary release except for testers and developers who have been closely involved. We don’t think this is a problem at this early stage since it’s still pretty rough and a bit of skill is required to get it running. Also, there are still some event hooks in the game that aren’t fully implemented. The only scripting support for now is IronPython but Javascript is likely sometime soon. Pluton has been built, patched, and launched on Windows and Linux RustDedicated, but not extensively tested yet. If you’re comfortable with Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, or MonoDevelop you should be able to build and run Pluton on your RustDedicated server even if you don’t know much C#/.Net.

For more information see the announcement on

Fougerite is a modding framework for Legacy Rust which picked up where Magma left off and refactored much of Magma and Rust++ into a new kind of mod. Assemblies written in Microsoft .Net and Mono C# can be added to Fougerite by extending the simple Module container class, giving your code full access to Rust server hooks without having to patch the Assembly on your own. Modules included with Fougerite are the classic Rust++ mod and a MagmaPlugin module compatible with plugins written for Magma 1.1.5, using the same Javascript interpreter as the original project. The JintPlugin module also runs Javascript plugins, but using a more recent version of the JS engine with many more JS features implemented. Glitchfix prevents Ramp, Bed, and Bag glitches from ruining the fun. Anticheat - a work in progress - detects players performing suspicious feats. Finally, IronPythonModule brings the Python language to Rust server plugins., and have Fougerite in the Mod Manager for Legacy Rust, or it can be installed by request.

Fougerite is also a community project, hosted on Github at fougerite/Fougerite. Even though there’s a lot of interest in modding Experimental, we still love Legacy and have no plans to stop improving Fougerite.

top effort

little question: how will you implement that with all the updates per day of the experimental branch? every update you will have to code it back into the assembly and stuff no?

We are keeping up with the non-beta version of experimental, which is updated 2-3 times a week. You need to opt out of the beta on steam, and you can get the non-beta serverfiles with:

oh so they actually stopped updating every day the experimetal branch? they consider rust experimental as playable?

I didn’t said that, you get frequent updates if you opt in the beta, but if you opt out, you still get the experimental version, but that’s not updated as frequently as the other one.

well good to see that some people are so dedicated :slight_smile:

also, we are totally open source, since you can dl the server files, you can dl our patcher from github, compile it, patch the files, test and report back, send us pull request, make it better :slight_smile:

from what i understand, the “opting into beta” option gives you all the updates, whereas not doing so only gives you the larger more stable ones.


The internal event system hasn’t changed much, even going from Unity4 to Unity5. A significant portion of code written for Magma and Fougerite went into Pluton with little modification. The chat system, for example, is hardly changed at all.

If they add a new event of some kind, a new patch would be required to gain access to it. But unless they switch to a completely new game engine, I don’t forsee a lot of drastic refactoring in our future to keep up with the Facepunch team.

Looking forward to try it out.

i made a quick mod with kill feed, player kit, and user connections/disconnections messages :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s a rough code and won’t go anywhere, but i made it to make new rust less boring ^^.
everything is hard coded in the game with no hooks, so pretty impossible to share it :stuck_out_tongue:
personally i make plugins for oxide, i’m waiting for them :slight_smile:

but i heard/saw Fourgerite, and it seems really really awesome :slight_smile:
too bad i know nothing of js nor C# ^^

You really like LUA, huh?

Is Ruby close enough? IronPython and IronRuby come from the same project, and we already have IronPython.

Python is the only supported language now, we will add js soon. Probably we will add ruby sometime, in the near future.

Maybe a stupid question… But everytime I try to patch my server files I get this message from the cmdprompt “You are missing …\Managed\Pluton.dll dit you moved the patcher to the managed folder?” The patcher is in the managed folder but I don’t see the Pluton.dll anywhere. Where does it go wrong?

EDIT: I found out what was going on, had to change my target framework…

You need to compile both first, Pluton and Pluton.Patcher

Edit: we have a basic readme now, make sure to read that as well: GitHub - Notulp/Pluton: Pluton is a mod for the active development branch of the survival sandbox game Rust

The server will be marked as modded from now, it will appear in the right section!

Hi Balu, i have a problem to get informations like /help or commands like /starter as example. i’m not a plugins creator or everything, i just followed all tutorials or informations. Then i compiled copied files like the readme inside, ok finaly the server show running patched with fougeritte tag seem ok but /help or /starter or maybe other are not functionaly. somes command hidden seem work too like players or whereami. I been go play faster into “Jakee dev tester fougerite server” then thoses commands work very fine one this server the is no hole :)!! and /help is showed in over the chat. But mine and some other servers i’ve see in modded section because you know when installed server is redicrect in modded section are not fully fonctionnaly it seem…:confused: what the bug problem please? i had sometimes the cmd server show somes “exeptions” i don’t remerber line as repeat longer and i need to close the server for ending.

have you an issue for me and fourgerrite noobies users? :slight_smile:

Regard Bil

Excited to see some experimental mods. :smile: