ply:ChatPrint "Finished"?

For some reason, whenever I use;


It automatically prints “Finished**!**”

Did Garry do this?

lua_run_cl player.GetByID(1):ChatPrint("Finish")

he said Finished not Finish.

 lua_run_cl player.GetByID(1):ChatPrint("Finished")

it ain’t clientside, and it might just be the server your on

Oh, this only happens server side.

] lua_run Entity(1):ChatPrint"Finished"
> Entity(1):ChatPrint"Finished"...

Blame Garry.

Thought so. Damn it Garry, we don’t need any exclamation while coding.


God damn it AdrianB and Stewsta, fuck your ratings.

and nothing of value was lost

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