ply:IsSuperadmin() nil value?? Help please.

So I need to check if a player is superadmin for something so to test it out i directly copied this code from the gmod wiki. However whenever i run the console command i get told ply:IsSuperadmin is a nil value by the lua errors in console?

Whats wrong? Is the wiki incorrect or am I doing something stupid here?

Anyway here is the code I copied, I put in in shared.lua in the autorun folder:

function SuperAdminCheck(ply, cmd, args)
if ply:IsSuperadmin() then //Checks if the player is a super admin
ply:ChatPrint(“You are a Super Admin on this server!”) // prints in the chat that he is an admin
elseif ply:IsAdmin() then // Checks if the player is an admin
ply:ChatPrint(“You are an Admin on this server!”) // prints in chat that he is an admin
ply:ChatPrint(“You are a normal Player!”) // prints in chat to normal players
concommand.Add(“SACheck”, SuperAdminCheck)

Lua is CaSe SeNsItIvE, ply:IsSuperadmin() should be ply:IsSuperAdmin()

Ah, someone should correct this on the wiki


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