ply:PlayScene how to make it so all the server will hear it

Hey I have this thing

And if I use it only the players around me can hear the scene.
I want to make it more distance or all the server will can
How can I do it ?

for i,ply in pairs(player.GetAll()) do ply:PlayScene( “scenes/breencast/welcome.vcd” ) end

Thank you :slight_smile:

Its like is start the scene to everyone and everyone speak it.
I want only breen will speak it and everyone will hear ot.



I Dont get what you are asking?

He wants to broadcast the welcome speech Breen does when you first enter C17. The Scene above just plays out the animation on the characters (which he doesn’t want).

Can he not just go trough the hl2 sounds until he find that one and use it?

I have the scene, I have bug when I play it all the players speech it.
Like they are Wallace Breen o.0

Play the sound file itself, not the scene.

Using EmitSound GLOBAL FUNCTION with sound level = 0 or other sound playing functions.

I dont know the name of the sound file…

root\sound\vo\breencast\br_welcome01.wav - root\sound\vo\breencast\br_welcome07.wav

How I can play it one after one in order?..