ply:SetVelocity() Issues

So I am using this argument, SetVelocity(), but I got a problem I need to fix to make it work the way I want it too, But it just dosen’t want to.

so, here is how I use it:
[lua]ply:SetVelocity( ply:GetForward() + Vector( -20, 0, 0 ) )[/lua]

So it does push me, but relative to the map. I would like it to push me sideways relative to the player and not the map.

Anybody know what is missing?

Use ply:GetRight() * 20 or ply:GetLeft() * 20 if you want it to move you sideways.

Vectors by themselves are always relative to the map. So if you add them rather than multiply, they’ll continue to be relative to the map.

There is no entity:GetLeft()

You’d use entity:GetRight()*-20