Where do you think is a good place to place the ply = LocalPlayer()?
I always thoght ply was a short for player, but appearently you have to define it, i dident know that lol :P.

Why do that?
Just use LocalPlayer() when needed.

ply is a common variable used by garry when inside hooks.
You can just do local ply=LocalPlayer() if you script does not have it.

So then you can you just use reyalp instead of ply for a identifier or variable? I thought that there were specific ones that it accepted and others it didn’t D:>

I thought garry used pl? not that it matters anyway, and you’d use LocalPlayer() assigned to ply instead of just LocalPlayer() if you need to do something related to player multiple times, not because its faster, but because its shorter/easier to type.

It is faster.

The performance increase is negligible.

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Especially because LocalPlayer is a C function.