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No C4 Craft however you can buy C4 (not cheap) or you can get them in airdrops

  • Starter kit
  • Intstacraft
  • Economy
  • Remove
  • No Fall Damage
  • Durability_Off
    Server Mods
    Starter kit - Stone Hatchet, Cloth Pants, Cloth Vest, Cloth Boots, Wooden Door, Camp Fire, Hunting Bow with 10 arrows, Wood Storage Box, Cooked Chicken Breast, 4 Wood Foundation, 9 Wood Pillars, 1 Wood Doorway, 7 Wood Wall, 4 Wood Ceiling,
    and to top it all off a darn Sleeping Bag
    You get a salary for just playing! Killing other people and RAD animals
    C4 is purchasable but not craft-able…you can also find C4 in Airdrops.

/price will show you a list of purchasable items
/buy will allow you to buy items
/money will show you how much money you have earned
Rules??? It’s rust…it’s a game of survival….GET OVER IT!
Actually the only real rules other than we have no room for cheaters…….if your caught, your banned!

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