Plz fix networking /coding

Every week that new content comes out, it becomes more and more frustrating… Why are you adding new items and improving GUI when the overall networking performance is shitty to be polite about it. My server with little people on it will run 125+ ping and rust will severely slow down or stop your internet… Run a traceroute to your server IP and after a 60 minute period… Compare the average ping to the ping your seeing while in game… You should notice a 30-40% increase as my average is about 75 while running a trace for about 2 hours(node is in Texas I live in Virginia.)… I have tested this on a freshly wiped, empty server. This is telling you its not your plugins nor is it your gsp… I love this game, but it will die off if this isn’t fixed quickly…

I checked other threads before posting this, so I know I’m part of a large group experiencing this issue. But if you are reading this calling me crazy, do me a favor answer these questions… Who is your provider?? How close do you live to your node? What speed internet do you have??

I don’t have a problem with ping…problem I have is the disconnect between ping and lag in game. I’ll run a 30ms ping but still see people warping all over the place like the…and forget about trying to have legit gun fights.

No ping problems on my server. There is the problem with the desync though.

Yes… I spent around 5 hours building an arena that we cannot use unless there is only 4 or 5 of us…

FPS problems aren’t Network problems.
Turn down your graphics bro

its the server providers not facepunch so shut the fuck up and stop complaining

Thats funny ive spoken to the CEO of fpsplayers and…both tell same story… Run a trace to your server IP… Compare…

And my pc runs rust 100fps avg… Runs batman on ultra…

Ping might not be an issue for everyone… But ive switched providers twice now… There is an issue within the coding… Rust will shut my internet down to a crawl or nothing at all and rubberbanding gets terrible

Just fix the constant rubber banding issues. My ping is fine but I rubber band everywhere on a 50+ server.

Rust does not increase my latency. My speeds are not affected as I torrent behind a VPN while playing Rust.

Facepunch cant fix this they dont host the servers.

Ok before posting again… Find me one thread of an actual rust Dev stating, Its the providers fault and not an issue within the game.

Find me a dev post saying it’s their fault, not the providers’ fault, so don’t insult the providers.

Also, back to your original post… the magic word is alpha.

Alpha means shit’s broken and you should be patient about waiting for it to be fixed. Rust is going to be in development for years. It started about a year ago and it’s got at least another year or two ahead of it.

If you aren’t having fun right now, go play some other games that are finished and actually fun for a couple months and then check back in on how Rust is doing.

No, seriously. Stop playing if it sucks, and come back later.

I hope you are not misinterpreting that I also feel as though it isn’t the providers fault. And trust me I understand the word alpha, what I dont understand is why they are releasing lockpicks n crap instead of fixing the main issues first. IMO the game needs to be more playable b4 trying to add new stuff… Smoothing the details in the graphics department is going to help…but the coding of the game needs some work. We will never see awesome pings, lag free servers, etc… We should be able to enjoy a 10 or even 25 man battle without the major issues we have now… And imo this should be a top priority…

I love how you say you understand what alpha is and then directly contradict that claim with everything you said after that.

and how is this?? by stating that i feel that instead of working on adding stone buildings and all this other bs they should work on fixing the rubberbanding/high pings/lag/etc ??? So this means I dont understand alpha?? I think you dont understand. This is a “rant” post afterall…

There is a rather diverse group working for Facepunch, it’s not just a room full of C# coders and infrastructure analysts.

There are artists, modeling and animation and all that jazz. Do you really want the guy who’s designing the new furnace and wicker storage crates to be changing advanced networking settings? Nope, he should be doodling so that we get that unique non-placeholder experience that we all want, too.
(I don’t know that person’s history… for all I know, he could be the net pro, that’s not my point.)

You don’t think that someone is working on this? How could you be so naive?

When we say “alpha” what we really mean is “Dude, the game is basically like an infant. Things will take time to grow and change. And there’s gunna be shit. Literally and metaphorically.”

(Maybe I’m speaking too broadly, but) We all want the game to progress faster because we like it. But it’s just not going to happen as fast as we want no matter what.

Rubberbanding was already an issue and has been off and on for a long time. They’ve patched it before and they’ll patch it again. This is because they’re still building the very framework that everything else happens on. Small changes ripple through everything else.

Just be patient, wait it out, play another game. If you think the game is good now just imagine how awesome it will be when all of the trials and tribulations have been worked through.

Well put…but, why are we not being kept better informed?? I can find threads all day long with people asking the same questions. But why is there not one single thread by a dev telling people it’s being worked on, etc… The best thing i have right now is trello, Rust is lacking keeping the community informed. Our gsp’s are going threw so much crap they shouldnt have to even be dealing with, over this. I guess the reason I’m being so naive is i am uninformed, unaware, and desperate for some answers. Like stated… I know what alpha is, and i don’t plan on quitting, but I like seeing progress being made, or at least a thread stating so. At this point millions have been made. We shouldn’t be so left in the dark. There should be forum threads being constantly updated as progress is made, etc… Millions have been made but a small team cant be hired to help keep us more aware?

I think we are all just spoiled with large game companies that have the manpower to do all this on a consistent basis.

The entire dev team is a “small team”.

Like 14 people work for FP Studios, and they’re looking to hire more.

How big do you think garry’s dev team is? How many people need to be hired just to satisfy your demands for knowing what each of them is working on on an hourly basis?

before playing rust i used to play Marvel Heroes… I’m not sure what they have made off that game but i highly doubt its anywhere close to what Rust has made in the very short time it has been out. I’m also not 100% sure how big of a company gazillion is, but I’m pretty sure MH is the only game they have ever made… So basically I’m saying I’m not sure but, I dont think Gazillion is a “large” game company…