Plz Garry One Kenobi....your our only hope.

I know we all know this already, but the “official server” I play on currently consists of about 7 hackers playing 24/7 and making the game completely unplayable. Aimbotting, map hacking, speed hacking, 50ft jumps into the air. And it’s not just ONE guy. It’s like an army of them. I understand it’s alpha and hackers aren’t a priority until later on. But GEEEEZZZZ it’s ridiculous. Unplayable. Can’t stress that enough. Can’t avoid em, can’t do anything except report them on steam and get killed repeatedly while they tell you how they are hacking and that they have no penis’s.

Like I said, I understand, alpha…but seriously. If you could make this a priority (and by that, i mean spend one tiny fraction of your extra sales money to pay one admin to sit on a server and ban hackers) that would make it possible to actually alpha test the game.

(User was banned for this post ("awful thread title/missed the hackers discussion thread/read the official website blog" - postal))

It is a priority friend:
VAC is also banning people in waves.

IIRC, VAC bans people after a while and with considerable proof. They’re not supposed to know what they got banned for.

Very original and intelligent thread, bravo.

Can’t tell if you are serious.