Plz help. cheater ruin game.

this guy ruin my game (UK4), i know its alpha etc but alpha mean some bug not working etc…i playing rust 250+h and it was my third big base on third server.why the fuck this guy coming at my home killed me and my friends with aim…use like 30-40 c4 in my house…he didnt take loot he just put new walls where we had a doors…its FUCKIN MOROING…why he ruin my game… GIVE SOME ADMINS FOR SERVER at last on official…now i cant leave my house…great and i cant make c4…gg

p.s. and y he coming with retard friend with aim too…

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

Worth a ban just for the abysmal selfie steam avatar.

i think that mentioning the whole time people for hacking other people begin hacking to.

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And my comrade, get hacks to and rip hes head off. IN THE NAME OF MOTHER RUSSIA

Looks to me like you don’t have proof of these hackers unfortunately.