plz help, gmod portal gun

how do i put in the portal gun? i have tried one download but i dont know how to put it in the game. it appears in the extras.

  1. The portal gun is broken.

  2. You have to put addons in the addons folder.

ive put them in there, take it i put the Lua folder somewhere then

The first point in their post is the most important.

The Portal Gun does NOT work.

Nothing you do will make it work.

does anyone know if there is any other versions of the portal gun or anything like it?


ah done, doesn’t work fully eg cant go through floor portals but its great -)

Why not do it the other way round and put GMod maps in Portal? I did it with gm_bigcity a while back.

:airquote: Brains. :airquote:

dont have portal game… ihad it b4 though =(

What do you mean “had it before”?


Maybe he got Hijacked or lost his password. :open_mouth:


Because that’s not completely impossible?

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Also I bet OP is 5


Also I bet OP is 5


Fuckin phone made me post twice


Oh yeah and txt spk is leet


Oh yeah and txt spk is leet

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Nothing wrong with using a phone, I use my iPhone all the time for browsing FP works perfect.

Cos’ then it wont be gmod! It would be portalin gm_construct with some hl2 weapons (if you use impulse 101) allby yourself forever!!!

Beggars can’t be choosers.

so, there is no portal gun ,easy to instal