plz im need help bugs items

problem with items

good afternoon.
I have a problem, I bought 3 t-shirts but now they are not available for sale and exchange. Please Make them available to this that I could sell them. In my post on the forum do not respond. Tech support stim said that only the developer of the game can help me in this matter, please unlock them or give me something in return, I spent a lot of money on them. sslka my inventory

to my discussions

Are you on marketplace cooldown now? Because that’s a thing.

they are all marked “not tradeable, not marketable”. you said you bought them? from another player, or what?

odds are it’s what elix suggested, but we can’t see that info from our side.

Yes that’s right. They stuck in my inventory. I bought them from other players, paid tickets from csgo. I wanted to exchange them or give to a friend, but they do not become available for exchange. I spoke in support of the couple, they said days ago, said the developer write = (

Some reasons could be that you deactivated Steam guard for some reason which would cooldown you for a week.
Maybe you didnt buyed anything the past 30 Days which seems not to be the case.
If you got “Scam” triggered Steam will stop youre trading for about a month.

Well and thats just some reasons that i know about.