PMC Guys defend some sort of VIP

This is my first time trying to edit muzzleflashes and stuff
Any advice is appreciated

Fix the angle bro.
Zoom in on your subject more.

is your screen that big or do you just suck at angles and cropping

Posing is okay but could use some more work, the angle could be a lot better, you’re so far away from the subject it can be hard to understand what’s going on at first.

i am absolutely bad with angles
trying to improve tho

This could’ve easily passed as a first-person picture if you put an arm on the floor at the bottom.

Your posing looks okay (though the angle makes it impossible to be sure), but seriously work on angles and composition before you dabble with editing.

New title:

“CONCRETE! (with some stuff going on in the background)”

The road devours like 60% of the picture