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**Private Military Company Server.
We have got the best plugins and staff!
Brand new Server!
24/7 Admins
Teleportation to Friends! NOT UPDATED YET I will install when it updates!
Portals to warp around places!
Groups to invite your friends too!
A starter kit for new spawns!
Instant Crafting!
No Sleepers
No Base Decay!
Every so often I will do events to win prizes!
10People=Small Event, 15People=Raid The Base Event!

Craft: Instant Craft
Events: Yes (Events will start at 10 players, Raid the Base events @15 players.)
PVP: Yes
WIPE: No wipes on my end, only wipes will be done from Rust developers themselves through an update.
ADMINS: Few, Extremely Active (Except through sleeping hours)
AIRDROPS: Set to 5 people.

What Plugins Do We Run:
├► Oxide: Plugin Base
├► History: see what you and all the others just wrote when you missed it.
├► RemoverTool: remove your own stuff never be afraid again to misplace objects.
├► Kits: New spawns now have a chance to survive.
├► Basic Economy: Let’s you buy and sell almost every item in the game!
├► Door Share: Let’s people share their friends to their doors!
├► Private Message: Let’s you talk about secret stuff with messages in-game.
├► Groups: Let’s you invite your friends to your group.
├► Anti Decay: No more base decaying.

To join you must:
HIT F1 when in the game
Next, type “net.connect” without the “”
Boom, your in an awesome server and are ready to explore and survive!
Good Luck!**


Amazing server, now it just needs more people. x.x

Kits are working 100% now, and I will be taking suggestions on which kits to add or what else to add to the server. :smiley:

Shops are finally done!

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I’ve added the removal tool so you don’t mess your base up!

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When the teleport request plugin for oxide updates, I will add it in. :smiley:

At 10 players I will be doing an event. :smiley: For an epic prize

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15 people = AMAZING BASE GIVEAWAY :smiley: and 10 people means Win-the-raid event!


TPA Now works, FINALLY!!!

I am thinking about a big airdrop event at 10 players XD Come join!