PMC is escorting Breen.


pixelation ftw?

yeah, why?


pixelation ftw

Also obviosly gaz (PMC) would be walking with breen, but it’s great otherwise

No fucking Trigger Discipline. Also if you’re going to censor his face, why is he looking at the camera?

The PMC looks fat. :v:

real PMC picture.

Army Rangers do the same.

Makes it harder to trace war crimes.


Ohhhh snap

That’s one awesome model you got there

I WANT that model. About time we had a realistic PMC (not that MGS4 PMCs aren’t fucking cool, because they are).

Damn that’s really sweet, great idea even if Breen does look out of place :v:
Pixilation of Gaz’s face really adds to the photo realism!

Great posing on the PMC, but he looks like he’s standing still, while breen is moving… but he’s supposed to be escorting him… I know how tricky it is when your titles conflict and people freak out… It doesn’t really detract from the picture if you ask me.

We need that PMC.

IT was probably gordon freeman :smiley:

PMC has bad trigger discipline.